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I just want to take a moment and shout out the people doing their honest pattern and soul work at this time.

The past few days, since the karma shift began, I have been noticing something really amazing. The tone and content of the contacts I am having with people as they come towards their own self recognition process is effing amazing. The way things are being handled and the clarity whisping through is noticable.

An example: The other day, a pattern came up with a friend that was based in their old ways. It was brought up and identified and handled with such dignity and grace on the part of that person. They recognized what they were doing, decided to shift their energy, took ownership of their pattern and moved it on.

Sounds like nothing, right?

To me, it was profound and the interaction brought me to tears. It was so beautiful to see her make those connections and then not blame herself or me or any other factor in the conversation. How she saw herself and gave that love.... HEART EXPANDING and life changing. Do not underestimate the power of saying, oh crap. I AM doing that. But you know what? I see the underlying energy and I am ready to change.

As many are recognizing, that change does not have to be some big huge external thing. That change is the choice to accountability, the choice to do the new thing, the choice to be courageous and keep moving in love.

I have had at least ten or so interactions the last few days that are of similar significance. People really are shifting. They really are coming back to themselves.

That makes me really, really happy.

So. MUCH LOVE TO EVERYONE DOING THEIR BEST (and to those of us who slipped up too)!

This is a process and we are all learning and growing together.

Edited to add this meditation of purification and karmic release recorded this am, for

you: https://youtu.be/E-MC7STFSDE

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

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