• Katie IndiCrow

A Call to Dance

The earth misses us dancing. A season without Pow Wow and the togetherness of festivals (which are sacred to some of us) has left Earth thirsty. Us, too.

The sacred connection of feet, music, ground and the medicine we share through our togetherness and communion is so key to us. It is part of how we fuel this planet. Our souls. How we feel community.

Join me, friends, in putting on your favorite music (or performing it) and dancing with all of your feeling. For as long or as little as feels right. If you are up to it, envision your dance being healing for yourself and your planet.

For the integrators. We have much cosmic frequency to shift. Dancing helps.

I am working this through with Dj Shub right now. This land really misses Pow Wow.

What are you dancing to?

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