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2020: Walking to Freedom, Blueprint Purification, and Cygnus (NA site update included)

This is a summary sharing that brings together a number of main themes that we have been working on which are coming to a culmination in this now. The main video (summarized below) and those linked have been recorded over the past nine months as we have prepared in these moments. Though it may feel crazy, 2020 is going according to a high vibrational pathway and plan, and what we are doing is supporting that!


The primary linked video focuseson four main components of our now: Blueprinting, USA, expanding the historical narrative, and the soul purification through Cygnus. Some of you may have seen a great article by Sandra put out yesterday about the USA points. I am going to share it here with this, because in her writing she is giving a grounded update about those awesome USA sites. She wrote it well (and I am way too busy to write more myself right now), so I happily add her article here as a reference: https://mailchi.mp/sandrawalter/new-realm-landed?e=a259433560.

PLEASE NOTE that Canada also ties into this powerfully. In this video, I include some conversation about the Canadian sites in the West as well as the Great Lakes and Niagara Falls.We too, have freedom codes in Canada and we have been working with those throughout! For us, the concept of HOPE has been huge and the HOPE that people brought with them to create a new world when they came to these shores (and purifying the horrors that they came from/that followed when they came). About 20 minutes in we speak about the North American sites and rethinking history.

Also. In this video, there is a narrative about the team that came together around how small working groups are operationalizing this big project!! I share these details so we can get to know more about the process, which helps us undersatnd our own.Getting to see this in layers and reconnecting to the pieces we have been laying down as a collective for a long time now helps us see our role in the greater scope. It helps us understand how flow happens. How we, as a group of co-creators layer our efforts, as soul groups, trbies, and throughout the epochs.

All those little actions we have taken have and do add up. Please feel encouraged to keep going <3. What we are doing is working.

Please note that I will come back and share more when I get the chance! For me, these days are joyfully ceremony around the clock. In this case, going to a lot of different sites i n my region with my waking hours! I have to get out early because it is very warm here (30 plus celsius), so I have to get up super early then take a lot of downtime to rest my body for the next round. I can feel people seeking an update. What I said here is EXACTLY what is happening right now, so please do check it out and know I will be back when I am done with my walking!!!

Wanna know MORE?

Here is a video about Cygnus and the Blueprint restoration project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NtBdxAb4Es.

2020: PHASE OF COSMIC REBIRTH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCmrn3jDZS4&t=624s

PRACTICE: WALKING THROUGH THE COSMIC WOMB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWK0d5nWqA4&t=192s

I have plenty more on this blog and youtube, as well. Subscribe to both to stay up to date!


In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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