JOURNEY TO BALANCE AND INTEGRATION: Online 60 Minute Group Session to Balance Your Energy


Greetings, friends!

So happy to announce that I will be holding a group session this weekend whose focus is to bring participants on an energy alignment journey through balance and integration. Facilitated and created by me, Katie IndiCrow, this 60 minute session will be a guided energy alignment that is designed to bring your body and soul into harmony as we move into our eclipse and then Lion's Gate pockets!

This 60 minute journey will be recorded so that you are able to tune it a little later if you are busy and/or to revisit it throughout the season (or any time, really). PS: If you are shy, do not worry. Only my face and voice will be heard or seen on that recording.

These group sessions pack a lot of transformative power. They are a great way to receive the energetic benefits of a personal alignment session with the bonus of being recorded and budget friendly. I am holding it now to support our community in being primed and ready to go for eclipse season!

WHEN: Sunday, June 30 at 6 pm ADT. This translates into 2 pm PST, 5 pm EST, 10 pm Ireland and UK, 6 am July 1 and onward throughout the day in Australia. This is the best time I could find that was in the alignment of the eclipse and inclusive to as many of us in as many different time zones as possible!

WHERE: Online through More information and directions to access are provided in the registration materials

Exchange to participate is $22.22-$55.55, pay what you can. I am welcoming those who so kindly provide donations of $22.22 or more to me to opt in as my guests should they feel so aligned. I gratefully receive the exchange if you are able. Please contact me at to gain access that way. To register, please click here:

***I also wanted to remind people that I am ramping up a gateway group series where we connect each week for a month and do ongoing activities through a private forum. *It was scheduled to begin this week, however I have decided to shift our start date to July 3 with our first meeting happening Sunday, July 7 at 6 pm. *Donors are also welcome to request discounted or gifted entry into this offering, so long as we remain in balance. Contact me directly to sort that out. For more information on or to register for the gateway flow group, click here:

These are the best ways I have been able to create to connect with you. I will be back on the road again at some point in August. Now is a great time for us to enjoy connection!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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