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Solstice Gateway Ceremony: Connecting to Our Creation

Solstice Ceremony: Connecting to Our Creation

In this ceremony, we focus on the themes of our solstice gateway: Empowerment. Embodiment. Connection to creation.

This ceremony is all about connecting to empowerment, self-direction, and following the path that we are inspired to create. We have most definitely made it to the point where we are once again consciously recognizing our lives and their potential on this planet. A big part of this is calling forth own personal alignments.

The beginning of the ceremony focuses on forming your personal connection to you unified soul and creator self. We then move on to releasing thought patterns, behaviours, and connections that keep us from acting in alightment with that part of ourselves. From there, we call forth our crystalline ascension pathway alignments, with our intentions forming little energy points to signal that which we are calling in. Soul group connections, joyous lessons, skill set expansion. It is all there!

Solstice gateway is basically a beautiful gift where we get to hypercharge our hearts desire and bring that into our reality.

As we move through this ceremony, I share updates about this solstice gateway and the potential of the next ten days to highlight and ground the energy that is called forth in these moments. Take heart and stay in a space of trust. Creating new pathways and calling forth these transitions is a series of moments. You got this!

For those wanting to register/learn more about our Gateway Season Empowerment Experience: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/gateway-journey-lion-s-gate.

REPEAT THIS ACTIVITY!!! The steps are great basics that you can use as you are out in nature and experiencing the world around you. Please also feel free to share with your community!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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