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Calling In and Securing Peace and Love Based Pathways For Children

Calling In and Securing Peace and Love Based Pathways For Children

Greetings, friends!

As part of my work on gateways, I am called to provide various forms of energetic support for what is being shifted on the planet. A project very near and dear to many of our hearts is seeing significant movement in veil releasing as well as in creating the new crystalline pathways for children.

For those who are incredibly sensitive to this topic: I am about to be frank and very honest about the mistreatment of children in the next few paragraphs before introducing the exercise.I will use tact but heads up that is coming.

There have been many moments of development, on this planet and others, where children or those on their way here to be children, have been targeted. It is something that continues to occur on some dimensional planes including one that many of us are aware of but no longer connected to (3 and 4d, what I experience as 7 and 12 in another version of reality). Many of these actions have been connected to intentional suppression of energy fields and done in power over energy relations.

I have spent many years quietly traveling to locations here on earth where acts of sacrifice and energetic manipulation have occurred to physically plant seeds of the peace based crystalline reality as well as to support the transition of any connected soul fragments back to their connection points. I have also been traveling to these astral spaces where souls were being held or restrained, helping to create spaces for dimensional transition of children and also inner child self soul fragments.There are parts of the world where energy gathers into a big vortex like gathering that serves as a focal point or a connection point for certain things like hope and peace. This also can work for sadness and despair. The last trip to Europe brought me to more of these places and it has been a great honour to be able to begin bringing peace and balance to these situations. I spoke about this during my interview with Todd Medina on Soulspeaks. For more, click here: https://www.facebook.com/ToddMedinaSoulogyOne/videos/10219905534009894/

The past 24 hours or so, I have been focusing extensively on this project as have many others, no doubt. Thanks to all who are lovingly participating in this. It appears that a major piece of the veil being connected to this is ready to shift. What this means is that it is incredibly likely that major pieces of disclosure that will be required to bring balance to these actions will begin to be brought in. This will allow us to begin flowing into peace, love, and support for children and the end of some very old systems.


As we know, we are in a major gateway alignment at this time. As I share in our ceremonies and other writings, the seeds we sew during gateway alignments serve as little crystal points. We allow these crystal points as places to focus intention. You know how this works. Set an intention, focus energy on it, and then the conditions for it begin to align. What we are able to do for ourselves, we may also join together and do for the planet (and beyond).

Today, I am reaching out to ask for your support on creating a big influx of energy to releasing the veil on issues related to what has been happening with children as well as to create crystallinge pathways for them to exist in peace and love in all times and spaces.

How do you do that?

A great example of how to bring energy to this intention is to use the template of the ceremony I shared on the solstice. Part of why I offered the one I did was to provide a simple format for those seeking to do their own personal intention forming activity. For access to it, click here: https://youtu.be/wWWBT4ZGsyc

Forming the intention to secure peace and love conditions for all children and soul fragments in all spaces, times and dimensions and then bringing in a huge pillar of light to it by calling one into yourself as you thing it also works.

Calling forth your own soul fragments for balancing and reintegration to your soul. (Getting into a ceremonial space with yourself and setting that intention is something you can do. These days, doing that is often enough. If you require support on this, I do sessions and offer training. Reach out.)


This activity is one that all are invited to participate in for much longer than the duration of this gateway. One of the best ways to do this is having a great time with children in your life. One of the best ways that we create these crystalline pathways is to live the conditions ourselves and in so doing, build them into the human blueprint. I know lots of great families, community members, and friends out there who dedicate a lot of their heart to doing exactly that. Every act of listening, loving, and supporting children for who they are counts. Intentionally building this pathway as parents, families, and friends is something we all have the capability of doing. The best way to create a new reality is to materialize it. We all have bodies, we are here, we can do it!

I thank all of you who participate in this act of co-creation. Damien and I extend deep bows (and he an affectionate headbutt).

Please feel free to circulate this as a community resource. I am to get out to my crystal posts and continue on with my gateway tasks and appreciate the help with circulation!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow



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