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SOLSTICE GATEWAY UPDATE: Stepping Into Empowered Creatorship

There is much shifting as we bring ourselves into the alignment of solstice, eclipses, and Lion’s Gate. As is apparent, the world is moving through an incredible shift. The crystalline pathway energy of peace and joy in creation is wide open and full flowing in these moments. Alternative narratives that precluded these conditions are being rapidly dissolved. The ripple of purification that has begun accelerating since Equinox has created much space for opening. The integrated gridsystems are ready to do their work. We are all walking toward this huge light wave series which begins with solstice. This is going to be a lot of fun and work very differently than our other gateways. I am incredibly excited.

I am writing this update to share an invitation to step into empowered creatorship that the solstice represents this iteration. The clear energy being communicated to me through the gateway potential is that this one is all about stepping into our embodied creation and taking an active role in crafting the energetic and lived experience of our lives.

How do we do that?

Setting intentions and allowing ourselves to signify that which we are ready to create is how! This is about empowerment, self-direction, and following the path that we are inspired to create. We have most definitely made it to the point where we are once again consciously recognizing our lives and their potential on this planet. The ability to create our own unique pathways en masse as has opened up in the crystalline pathways is something that many of us have worked long and hard to create. Let us now joyously step into these new potentials and recognize these moments as the true gifts that they are. Solstice gateway is basically a beautiful gift where we get to hypercharge our hearts desire and bring that into our reality.

A great way to begin preparing and aligning personal focus is to begin feeling into that which you would like to experience. What are you interested in seeing, experiencing, and feeling? Beginning to truly connect with what your heart desires and allowing that to form the foundation of your energetic trajectory for the season is a wonderful way to build your crystalline pathway. Setting intentions helps us to connect to this creative energy. Would you like to learn more about the advanced capabilities of plants? Ask for it. Would you like to meet more of your soul family and friend? Are you seeking a way to merge your creative talents with a new direction in life? Write that down. The point in calling forth energy in the form of intentions is to take the time to create harmonic resonance. One does not always have to write them down. We can dance them, sing them, draw them, or as I like to do, vibrate the intention of the experience into my field through my heartspace. Solstice and the days around it are important days to set the tone for what is to come over the next two months in your personal life and experience.

Want to celebrate these moments with community?

For those interested, the public ceremony that I am holding on Friday is all about calling forth our divine potential from this place of loving empowerment. Building on the theme of recognizing ourselves as creators, the ceremony will be a focused exercise through which I walk those joining in through the process of receiving and calling forth their next phases of development. If you are reading this and are coming with the intentions of peace and love in your heart, you are welcomed to join in. You may find more information about that here. If you are not able to make the live version, that is totally fine. This gateway and the activities that we go through are open for some time. Viewing the replay is a great way to connect in if you feel aligned: https://www.facebook.com/events/402395936991502/.

I will also be broadcasting on Soulogy at 6 pm ADT, doing a special solstice hour with Todd. There will be lots more information about this notion of empowered creation to be shared.

The Gift of Choice in Each Moment

As we continue into the gateway season and call forth our next steps of life and development, we often find ourselves moving through various forms of personal initiation and/or what some people would recognize as choicepoints. In short, these are situations that bring forth the energy of pathways of your experience. The tone of your incoming trajectory is shaped in part by the way that you move yourself through these moments of sorting and sifting. Not to mention we open the doorway to new pathway potentials by acting differently when we come into what feel s like energetic ripples or the ‘same old’ situation. It is important to take the opportunities for growth, learning, and transition as they are presented to us. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way. So does healthy boundaries, laughter, extra exercise, and being real with ourselves.

So, friends! I invite you to spend some time to reflect on your upcoming gateway season. What are your intentions? Inspirations? Desires? What are you ready to experience? Allow yourself to open up to infinite possibilities. As I wrote earlier; loving openness is excellent bedrock for your crystalline ascension pathway through this gateway. Reminding yourself that we get this joy part and allowing ourselves to flow with it is one of the great achievements we have made so far in this process. Have some fun with it!

The image here is of an earth based tree connected friend who was present during my work in Dorset at a stone circle we visited. One of the energies I am calling toward myself is to further enhance my relationship with the elemental and plant based kingdoms. This friend was ready to be shared with the world and so I lovingly offer their wave and share about our connection as part of my own journey through the gateway.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Please note that I have a gateway community offering with registration open to begin just after solstice and run through Lion's Gate!

Support for ongoing public sharing is welcome in all forms. Be it sharing, loving comments or inviting friends and family along, it all counts. Financial support may be sent to paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow

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