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Embodiment and Purification

A year ago, today, I performed a series of ceremonies that would change my life.

It was my birthday weekend and I had taken my then partner along with my then best friend and her partner for a camping adventure in the Rockies. The Rockies, for those of you who are unfamiliar, are filled with energy vortexes. They are beautiful but they have also had their frequencies distorted with many pockets of rupture, broken lines, and had fallen out of tune. The year and a half I spent going to them every two weeks (and the reason I moved out to AB and did the BC travel) was to help fix them, tune them, and close out the open pockets that were bleeding distortion. You see, these mountains and many sites have the potential to be used to project and support frequency. At this point, their vibration was disconnected which made it easy for them to be used by bandwidths that were not sending out the signals we were working to turn off.

As you can imagine, a job like this was taxing emotionally and energetically. Nevertheless, I loved those mountains (LOVE them still) and it felt absolutely right to spend my birthday in them. It was my 33 year and I was so sure that it would be the best one I had ever had. It was my Christed year. I also knew that this was about to be the year that what we had been doing in the astrals all along would finally be palpable on the planet.

On that trip, we went to many places in the mountains including near the Banff hotel, Canmore, Emerald Lake, and through the gaps between them. I did ceremony at each of these spots and am sharing some images from them below. The purpose of what I was doing was to support the cosmic reset and to help trigger it from these multiple power points. I was also closing out dimensional tears and starting almost like a flare effect for the light to sweep through what veils required removing. There were some extremely sketchy and uncomfortable energy pockets that we wound up going into. One in particular that felt like a nest. I knew it had been one.

When I left that mountain vacation, I was happy. While I was there I had received a channeled message from this friend about how my life was finally safe. How I never had to worry about being followed or chased and that I had successfully made my way out of the ties that the Rose Line participation had brought me to. That this was a job well done and we were finally in peace. I felt like my 33 year would be the best one I ever had. I was finally in love with an amazing partner, about to move to BC, and life appeared to be wonderful.

It seems that when I brought up this cosmic reset energy, it brought with it an incredible bang from what were then still fairly powerful energy projections and distortions. (They have no power any longer, which is why I am comfortable telling this story.) Within 5 days of returning from that trip, everything in my life fell apart. The partner packed his suitcase one day while I was out doing gridwork and met me at the door with them on his way out. He never spoke to me again (we had no fight or disagreement). My once team who I had asked to help me figure things out was completely disintegrated, with 90% of them going to work with another well known person who turned out to be involved in not so nice power dynamics (and a continuation of the old Rose Line power energy we were working to get out of). Not only that, but several of them then began campaigns against me within my own friend group but also in our community. I lost the ability to move to Vancouver because I could not afford it. I lost my best friend. I was forced to move back to Nova Scotia and start all over again. This was the distorted energy of the Rose Line and it turns out that reset meant I had chosen to start the new phases of embodiment of our next steps. To shift this, we had to see it and rendered visible these distortions certainly were.

And you know what?

Although I did not enjoy the feeling of disaster or the many emotions that all of these incidents brought up, it wound up creating the space for me to enter into an entirely new existence. Ultimately, this incident set me free. It showed me where I had fear left. Where I was vulnerable. Which karmic contracts needed to be shifted and ultimately, that the Rose Line I had been living and working through for so many years was entirely corrupted. As a foundational member of that project, I knew that it had to be ended or shifted. With this incident and the year that followed (and the 8 months before), I focused very much on creating a new crystalline pathway that so many have been able to access since. It has been wonderful to see how much it has shifted and how many have moved to a more purified form since then. Thank you for leaving that old story behind. Though I no longer resonate with the story of the Rose, I most certainly still remain connected to the energies that it was created to support. As I prepare to go to France again, I smile knowing things will be very different this time and looking forward to what I will learn and experience having shifted out of this trajectory. It must be beautiful for so many of us to have dedicated to it for so long!

I am telling you this story because I think it is important to share the reality of what many of us gatekeepers used to face when we were out there in service. These are the stories that most of us do not tell because we have to keep it moving (or in other days, these energies were still on earth so we did not as we would not want to power them unintentionally). We do not do it for fame or attention, or for pats on the back. We do it because it is what we came here for. We quietly and lovingly go about our business, doing our best to create crystalline earth. In order for a condition to be created or shifted, one or several of us have to enter and shift it. This means that we put ourselves in sometimes very difficult situations knowing we can get out. When I spoke to another respected gatekeeper about last year, their words were "That was some of the heaviest energy I have ever seen". They were right, it was.

As I enter my 34 year and another series of voyages, I rejoice at what we have shifted in this spin around the sun. I am grateful to all the creators who have dug in and created change. I am grateful for my own personal growth and the wisdom that came with it. I thank all the other co-creators out there building crystalline pathways, purifying experience, and opening up our peace-filled earth existence. I see and feel you and am happy to be here with you.

As we enter into this season, I feel grateful, happy, and excited. I know that we have made it out of the woods and that we are free and safe. That, my friends, is the best birthday present one could ever ask for.

I smile as I pack my bags for France, today. This is going to be one magnificent season.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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