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Souls Like to Rest: Self Care and Soul Support

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Have you ever thought about that? Or that our souls require us to do different things with our bodies to support integration at various phases? Energetically, sometimes, we feel frazzled and tired. Our physical body may be getting lots of sleep and food but we still feel foggy. Other times, we may feel outright weary, road wary, and like we are dragging ourselves through our tasks. These moments are indications that our souls require rest and/or and adjustment to what we are doing to provide care for them. Souls, when we think about it, do a lot. Through them we are connected to activities that span different iterations of civilizations, are connected to stars, planets and other realms, and sometimes even other universes and worlds. It is possible for us to be participating in multiple activities at once, unifying our aspects into a unified soul expression of those experiences, whether we are fully aware of it or not. Why does this happen? Many of us who are here as creators for this planet are involved in multiple layers of activities. These activities bring us places that we have not expanded to understand we are even part of yet. Whether we know it or not, these tasks do require our energy and effort. The human body and our experience on earth is a key anchor point for our soul experiences. We embody our soul through our performed perception (for example, who we 'are' as we are reading this post). Feeling weary, for example, is a very common experience for walk ins and starseeds who have journeyed long to arrive here on earth and/or who have reincarnated repeatedly for long strings. We arrive into a body, often times only to find ourselves amidst multiple tasks as well as with our own specific trajectory to implement. Becoming conscious, calling in your knowledge, and stabilizing on earth is an intense and energetically draining experience. It is very important to provide yourself the space of integration. This can also include those of us who go on long journeys in this and other dimensions as well as when we interchange parts of our souls. It can be incredibly tiring to do this. Taking the time to nourish the physical vessel and also to do soul alignment and energy adjustments is incredibly important part of self care. This also can happen when a soul is active multidimensionally, doing activities like going to training, performing tasks, or doing large amounts of research/reconstruction in the astrals, other dimensions, and other realms. There are certain times where we converge in the astrals and the state of sleep is important as a bridge point through which to access the realities. As noted above, this can be very tiring for a soul. As can be bringing together the multiple strands of reality for integration and task completion requires. We are doing a lot of work, learning a lot of things, shifting and generating a lot of energy. Getting to know and understand ourselves multidimensionally (which is a goal of many in here, I know) means starting to view yourself in that fashion. To begin, I recommend asking yourself questions like: "What does my soul need, today?" "How does my soul feel?" "Am I practicing energetic self care on all levels?" So, friends. What does your soul need, today? In loving co-creation, Katie IndiCrow

This is an image of Lake Louise, one of my most cherished sites on the planet to get to spend time with. This was taken during a tuning trip in winter 2018. Many souls crossed through the Rocky Mountains. It will be special to get back there in body.

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