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Greetings, friends!

First off, I want to thank all who participated in the Creators Colloquium that we held this weekend. It was a joy to meet some new friends, connect more deeply with those of you with whom we are already acquainted and of course, to share this sacred material. I am grateful to have shared these moments with you. I certainly intend to continue building this activity.

On that note, I have decided to release the Creators Colloquium to those of you who were unable to be there or register for the live events! It was so great that it must be shared. Each of the five sessions (crystal masters, awakening animals, gridworker advancing the crystalline grids, embodiment and creating the human blueprint, and teamwork/co-creation skillsets) represents the most up to date, crystalline knowledge and information that I have. I have been gathering this material and building it over the past few years and truly do believe it is the best of what I have to offer. Taken as a series, this Colloquium tells the story of the emerging capabilities of the new earth and strongly outlines so much that w have to look forward to with lots of suggestions on how to participate and co-create. Click here to see more about the session outline and format. Please contact me directly for access: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/creator-colloquium-1


In addition to offering private sessions (I have a few open this week and more the first week of June. Please contact me to book), I will be holding space for several offerings that are designed to support your connection to your soul, your personal skills, and self understanding. I am excited to share these upcoming learning experiences with you. As those of you who work with me know, entering into a learning relationship through these offerings is a transformative experience. Each of these offerings comes with a connection component.

*Each offering listed below is delivered through IndiCrow Academy similarly to this! All materials are recorded so that you can access them each week as works for you in alignment with your life. In circumstances where there are class calls, they are scheduled with participant input! Access to each course carries over for three months after its formal completion so there is lots of time to go back and revisit. You are also granted permission to download the lessons so long as they are not redistributed!*

Gridworker Training: I have redesigned my gridwork curriculum to be ready for this upcoming season. I am beginning a fresh round of gridwork training on May 28. The program typically is 9 weeks long and includes 2 class calls. We take a break during solstice week to focus so it is really 8 modules with a break and 2 calls included. This positioning will bring us through Solstice and preparing for Lion's Gate. I like training in a group in this fashion because it gives you grounded practice of the applied gridworking methods in the middle of exactly the scenarios we use them in! Exchange for the session is -290-390 USD, pay what you can. For more information on the topics covered, click here: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/gridwork-1-2-new . I tend to like to offer the gridwork program as a group option HOWEVER I will consider having students engage in the program as a self study if it feels aligned for them.

Starseeds Self Connection: AVAILABLE NOW FOR SELF STUDY! Next Group Begins on June 1. Over the course of 6 weeks, we explore 3 modules (each with 2 sets of exercises) and we complete with a class call. Self study friends have a private session with me as opposed to the class meeting.. Exchange is 266-333 USD, pay what you can. Access to topics covered is here: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/starseed-1-connection

Embodiment: This offering is a month long engagement during which you connect to the process of embodiment with intention. Beginning with refining our connection to and understanding how to speak with our bodies (to understand what the deeper message they are showing us is), how to connect our personal life experiences into the contact of our soul group and star families, how to work with our soul groups, and on timeline construction and creation. This offering is available as a study now offering that includes 3 units of material and exercises and includes a concluding private appointment with me. I am able to run it as a group offering if there is interest. If that becomes the case, we begin on June 15. As opposed to a final appointment, there will be ongoing facilitation and a group call. Please contact me asap if you would like the group offering so I can plan and share about it: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/embodiment-level-2-3-training

Connecting to Intentional Coding: June 10. This is an offering all about the basics of coding as a method of energy transformation and creation on this earth. It begins with the idea of what is a code and builds into how we call forth, understand and work through 'stories' in our codes, the various forms codes are transmitted, and importantly, the notion of purification. Do not let the word 'introduction' fool you. This offering is great for people who are already participating in coding work who are looking to build on the tasks of knowing embodiment, code purification, and who would like to strengthen their techniques by getting into the fine points of code selection, clearing, transmission, and delivery. Mot importantly, the offering focuses on your connection to defining and refining your coding method. Exchange for this offering is 266-333 USD, pay what you can. * Registration is open now. This is a class that I only offer in group setting for the time being.* I have not publically published the course access as I have the other two. If you would like more information than what Is provided in this summary, please reach out. I am happy to flesh out any details!

I will also be offering some form of 'summer school' skills group for energy aware young people. This will be announced shortly!

I am accepting registration requests now for each of these programs. Please reach out to me directly to reserve your spot at katieindicrow@gmail.com.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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