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Updated: May 30

Greetings, friends!

It with great joy that I share this update with you, this morning!

The pocket between Equinox leading through to last week brought with it many opportunities for self reflection, purification, and growth. This was all part of our cosmic spiral of expansion, where the seeds we planted for ourselves back last solstice, through Equinox and into this now had the chance to take root. What required shifting in order for their happy growth was then examined in the various ways that energy and embodiment show themselves to us.

We have done well.

Beltaine brought with it a breath of fresh air. The grounding of the purified codes and the widespread expansion of crystalline pathways and timelines has opened up an experience on this planet that is markedly different and in many ways more softly expansive than have the last few months. It is fantastic. Remember that the earth where we must 'fight' for our lessons is part of the paradigm we have left (are leaving) behind. There are still tests and initiations. Perseverance, tenacity, courage, and love are still required for the journey. How we interact with them, the form they take, and what we learn has (and continues) to raise in vibration. This brings us to new and different circumstances within which we get to learn!

Perhaps what is most exciting in these last few days is the clarity of energy. We have entered into a new era of creation, where much is possible from a space of earnest connection to source. The realms are speaking to one another with increased dynamism. Faeries, gnomes, dragons, unicorns, sylphs, nymphs, are making their presence known! You may have seen my photoseries from Bealtaine where you can see a crystalline haze covering everything. Contact with various species and civilizations is becoming increasingly possible. This has not been a one day thing. It keeps getting better and better, feeling more and more clear, with each passing hour.

I have connected some new photos from out playing in the forest yesterday and the sky this morning, I have been in

pure bliss around the clock as part of my ongoing work helping to anchor these realities. It is nice to have so much fun. It really has been a completely different tone of creation on all fronts. We have come a long way and I am excited for all that is to come. Feeling into it, I get a feeling unlike one I have ever experienced on earth, before. It is a lot like the best funk/smooth jazz/disco flow combination you could imagine!

I invite you to call in the day, the fun, and the possibilities, friends. The crystalline realm of creation is wide open for all who are ready to step in.

Give yourself the chance to see, feel, and breathe. WE MADE IT! CONGRATULATIONS.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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