Creators Colloquium: YOU Are Invited!

Calling gridworkers, light emissaries, earth lovers, energy architects and crystalline creators of light: We are on the cusp of an incredible season of growth. We know it, we feel it, we are in the process of being it. The upcoming pocket of Solstice and Lion’s Gate will be incredibly transformational.  As we move into this opportunity for transformation, I find myself highly inspired to call forth you gorgeous creators in this network to step forth and join me for a weekend of information sharing, community growing, and planetary love.  Thus, the birth of my first ever Creators Colloquium! Happening May 10th and 11th with an intentional light gathering to wrap it all up on the 12th!

Happening online over the course of 3 days, each of our 5 installments will serve as a skills training and information sharing/updating session (facilitated by me) with lots of opportunity for dialogue and question asking by participants. Organizing this way allows me to deliver the most up to date ascension based information available in this now while also giving space for us to share updates, ask questions, and exchange laughter.

The colloquium is built around 5 sessions, each focusing on different themes of our current ascension climate and the shifting terrain of creation. They will include interlaps/theme focus on: Our adjusting energy system (the grids); coding and code related work; human heart grid and planetary stabilization; and transitions into a crystalline planetary ascension trajectory.

*Participants will be given many opportunities to ask questions and receive specific feedback about your region or activity. Registrants are encouraged to write in with queries in the lead-up to the gathering (I will do my best to include them) and/or to come ready to pose them live on session day.**

In organizing this series as I have, it is my intention to bring us together and give participants the opportunity to learn about other systems and pieces of our ascension technologies, and the change to meet and engage with one another.  If you are not an ‘expert’ in a topic, that is fine! People of all skillsets are welcomed and will be present for each discussion. Discussion will be inclusive of various roles and skillsets! I encourage those who feel curious about a topic to feel as welcomed to join as an expert. The sparks of knowledge and ignition that come from connecting are expansive!

Session Topics and Schedule

Please note that all sessions except the meet and greet will be recorded and put into an information package. This package will be distributed to all registrants within 48 hours of the conclusion of the gathering.  This format allows us to revisit the materials as well as to catch up with sessions we were unable to be physically present at.

Below, find the abbreviated summaries and times for each session!

*Please note all session times are in ADT (Atlantic Daylight Time).  To check your time zone, type Halifax, NS and your home location into this time converter:

Friday, May 10:

10 AM – 11:30 pm: Crystal Masters: Toning, Awakening, and Understanding the Planetary Crystal Network(s)

The planetary crystal network(s) are diverse and ever changing. As the vibration of the earth raises, so too do they. As that happens, their capabilities expand and change. This session focuses on how to tone, awaken, and work with the various crystal network(s) that are part of our systems. This includes learning how to hear the crystals themselves! As part of this, we will be speaking about the shifting earth chakra energy system, preparing the advanced functions of our crystal networks, and expanding the crystal purification network.

2 pm-3:30 pm: Awakening and Expanding Animals, Elementals, and Our Connections

In this session, we connect on one of my favourite topics: Working with the animal and elemental kingdoms. Though not to be conflated, animal and elemental friends are incredibly important part of environmental management in this and other dimensions. They help to clear ley lines, light up trees, purify air and water, care-take with children, and so much more.  This session is all about the ways that we can connect to, support, and work with these beloved co-creators. As those of us who love them know, our animal and elemental friends have so much to teach us. As such, learning how to listen to them and recognize their communication with us will be a key focus.

Saturday, May 11:

10 am -12 pm: Gridwork Crystalline Connections, Stabilization, and the Human Heart Grid

As we have moved through our seasons, we have all experienced the ups and downs that come with influx. This session focuses all about the mechanics of being responsive to the various tasks, tools, and technologies that we will be required to use in order to support ongoing grid overlaying and awakening in the human collective. There are major bands of energy to be shifted that will require coordinated effort between (and knowledge of) the tasks being done by those of us who occupy these various roles.  The purpose of this session is to give some insight into how to best hear/feel and align your contributions (like to recognize when you are hearing ‘the call’ to service) and to provide understanding of how the process of an energy influx and purification can be most efficiently managed by our systems.

*I highly recommend attending this as well as the codework session. The information exchanged is highly complementary and related*

2 pm -3:30 pm: Codework:  Purification and Embodiment Techniques to Power Our Creations

The power and magic of our ability to transmit, share, adjust, and blueprint through the creative processes that come under the heading ‘coding’ are amazing. We are able to modify the human blueprint, turn on systems, form overlay connections, and key in activations.  One of the main things I notice as we work through coding is the importance of clearing distortions as much as possible so that we are not rewriting or reconnecting them back in to the system. The purpose of this session is to engage those involved in the coding process with some tools to support the most efficient and high vibrational coding connections we are possibly able to create. To be inclusive, this discussion will begin with an overview of what coding is and how the basic process works. From there, it is going to move into some specific conversations about the human blueprint and systems activation/connection!  I will be sharing about some of the coding purification systems that have been created on the gridsystem and how you are able to connect into them.

*I highly recommend attending the gridwork session as well. The information is related and complementary.*

6 pm - 8 pm: Meet and Greet Open Sharing Session

This is a fun and informal gathering for us to get together and chat! Snacks are welcomed as are children, friends, family, and animals! This will be like a community call with a focus on getting to know a little more about one another. Please note that this session will not be recorded.

Sunday, May 12

1 pm – 2:30 Co-Creation and Co-Operation: Lightwork Opportunities and Exercises

Teamwork and co-creation is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts. The spirit of this entire gathering is to begin recognizing the amazing overlays between systems and our interests, and to find ways to learn about and bring our efforts together. This particular session will share techniques including: How to prepare for a group or co-creation task; identifying what your role/activity/contribution is in a group setting; purifying your energy field and releasing any residual karmic resonance including fear of teamwork or inability to trust from your field; and how to call forth teams to gather together in creation.  We will also do a group energy exercise that will bring together many of the themes covered over the past few days that will include an act of ascension like one of our group light activities. This will be a chance to practice some of what you have learned, to see and feel how it fits into the activities being done by others, and to be able to pose questions/receive feedback about it!

To Register:

Registration for this gathering is $99-177 CAD, pay what you can. Please note that the proceeds from this gathering are going to be used for my journey through Europe happening at the end of this month and into next. Members of my private forum, please see our hub for an announcement/invitation to you!

*I am happy to provide partial scholarships to up to 5 participants and will require a volunteer or two to help with tech support who will receive entry in exchange for their work. Please contact me directly to request a partial scholarship and/or to apply for the position of support person! I am also happy to provide upward of a $20 CAD discount to those who cannot quit make the 99 CAD exchange, so long as I remain in balance.

To register, please contact me directly at! Exchange may be sent to or, if in Canada through etransfer, to Registration closes on May 9 at 10 pm ADT.

On a personal note, these types of gatherings are ones I have been feeling in my heart for some time! I am excited that the time for us to get together is here.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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