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Making Star Family Contact

Many people are interested in and inspired by the potential of connecting with star family and beings in lightships/traveling through using lightbodies as transport devices. The process of being visible and enjoying human contact requires practice for both us and them! This is something I have been working on quietly for the past several years as part of my blueprinting. I share a bit about this process in the video.

I am so grateful for the 'on this day function', because today it reminded me of this story and video made in the great excitement that I had after having my very first, for real and I know and remember it contact experience. I have had hundreds since then, as have many of you!!!

I felt like today was a wonderful day to share about contact. Interestingly, I am in the process of teaching a starseed self connection course and the notion of contact and making contact directly popped itself powerfully into the curriculum unexpectedly earlier this week. Finding this video again in this now says, yes. I do believe it is time for a new wave of empowered connection. We are ready!


After many years of working with my star family in a more 'removed' way. On Sunday, I experienced my own version of first contact. This IS something that is coming and is an important part of our next steps in Galactic (and inter-Galactic) cooperation. As the experience drew to a close, I was asked to share it with you and to invite those who are ready to begin wayshowing through this issue with me

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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