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Youth and Family Gatherings

TEEN/PRE-TEEN CALL!!! SATURDAY, APRIL 27 at 1 pm ADT FAMILY/OPEN AGES CALL: SATURDAY, APRIL 27 at 4 pm ADT (if there is interest) Greetings, friends! As many of you know, I have the honour of working with energy awake and aware young people of all ages and their families. I hold a deep honour and respect for these beautiful beings of light and the strong intention of supporting them and their families in their journeys here on earth. Part of the great power of these young people is that they do have less of a veil than us, the older generations who came into ascension at a different time. They are deeply connected to the earth and her people. This means they feel when things are shifting. This is not always a pleasant experience for them and it is incredibly important that we, their community, find ways to support them in figuring out how to live on this earth in peace and comfort. Over the past month or so, I have been communicating with many parents and young people on the topic of creating a safe space to come together, share community, meet other people like them, and to be able to ask questions and get guidance on how to feel good as our planet keeps shifting. On Saturday, April 27, I am hosting a youth/parent community call with precisely this purpose. Scheduled for 1 pm ADT (9 PST, 12 EST, 5 pm Ireland/UK), this call will be focused on young people moving into ages 10/12-17. This group is experiencing a pretty significant opening and I feel it important to support them in this now! Our conversation will be all about their experiences and how to support and encourage their development. *If you are a parent/young person who has interest in participating in this but are not part of that age group, please reach out. I am ready to host a wider family/youth oriented call at 4 pm ADT April 27 to be inclusive of you! This can include parents of incoming children, toddlers all the way up to teen! This could also include people of all ages. The thematic difference is that we would be more open to more general conversation than in our teen/pre-teen focus call. Please get in touch quickly if you would like me to do this meeting as I am happy to host it* FORMAT This call will take place on zoom. This is a free service for you to use. Young people are welcome to come in and out as feels comfortable for them. The call will be recorded but the content will only be available to those who were in attendance. QUESTION AND ANSWERING!!! It is important to me to design our focus and content around the questions and interests of the young people coming to this meeting! For that reason, I ask that you register early and send me some questions or topics of conversation that you would love to be put up for discussion. I will use these as our guide on the day of our meeting! Skills wise, the teen call will have a big focus of this call will be on creating a basic daily energy practice and creating energetic boundaries and awareness. Many young people are feeling A LOT as the planet shifts and helping them to stabilize their fields is important to ongoing healthy enjoyment of life. I will create a little video package to go along with our meeting that they can use at any time as inspiration at home. The 4 pm Call will be focused largely on Q and A and providing specific guidance to those who come in attendance based on where they are at. I will be sharing skills and tools in this session as well however it will be in a more general format than our Teen/pre-teen focused session. Registration: Teen/Pre-Teen Call: $22-44 CAD, pay what you can (for young person/parent combination.) 4 pm Call: $22-44 CAD, pay what you can (for young person/parent combination.) Please contact me directly here on FB or at katieindicrow@gmail.com to register!

In loving co-creation, Katie IndiCrow (And yes, Damien will be there. We love working with family animal companions and friends!) 

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