Energy Report: Changes (Doing Us Good)

This is a big old summary of everything I have been sharing about and working on with our community in the last ten days or so. This includes information about the Titanic (and other major soul crossings), the tree network, the various forms of purification happening in our gridsystem, timeline system, and personal energy patterns.

Notable points: For the first time ever, I share my personal memories of the Titanic and its connection to ascension and lightworkers and starpeople. .

Psychopomping at full speed: Shifting of large pockets of soul pieces and fragments tied up in storylines that are now being shifted and disintegrated and are disintegrating. This connects with the work we were doing for the Global Tree Network community project.

Integration and personal healing: Dissolving fragments of grief and outdated timelines in various forms is supporting purification and soul fragment return and reunification. Events like the fires in various religious sites and the Titanic anniversaries are examples of this energy being brought to the forefront. This in part explains waves of emotions/grief/memories that many are experiencing. Letting go is important.

Helping out as you can: Those who are part of the lighttworker community and are feeling ready, please use your tools to support our collective. The processes we are moving through are intense for many. Ascension is a process that we are always improving and creating and smoothing. There are multiple exercises on my youtube page and in my book Connecting In that you are invited to use.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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