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Honouring the Titanic

Honouring the Titanic This evening marks the anniversary of the fateful moment when the Titanic made contact with an iceberg in the Atlantic through her crossing. April 15 is the day the ship went down and where many people lost their lives. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was to be a stopover in the original Titanic crossing. As it came to happen, this is where many remaining bodies came to rest. Much energy associated with that journey rests in the grids and collective memory here, with this city having operated as the main search and discovery outpost. Residents of Nova Scotia being the crew who discovered the bodies and saw firsthand the wreckage. This is also the site that thousands of visitors each year make their journey to honour the crossing. The Titanic represents so many things, including what happens when we are brazen in our projections and beliefs. The importance of safety mechanisms. The unfairness of access to life based on class background. Honest and simple mistakes that can bear great consequence such as forgetting to send a message or dismissing flares. The ability to begin again. To learn. This weekend, I have been with the Titanic. I have shared about it before and will again. I have been blessed to remember so much about the lighted ones who had been on the ship and how this crossing connects to our current possibilities in ascension. Much energy to do with the Titanic is shifting, today, and will continue to through tomorrow. I will share more about it as I am able. For now it felt important to share this update (sorry for the awkward writing, as you know it can be hard to do the flowy real time updates from multidimensions). I stand with my crow friends and honour the crossing of the souls of the Titanic. Many, who I believe will finally get to return to their chosen homes.

Love to the people of the Titanic. In loving co-creation, Katie IndiCrow 

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