• Katie IndiCrow

Global Tree Lighting Project

Trees are such an important part of this planet! They provide us with clean air, shelter, and peace. They are home to many of our animal friends. They are sacred teachers and record keepers of this earth. Just about all of us can say that we have had the joy of standing in the shade of a loving tree and feeling comforted by their presence. Recently, the tree network reached out to me and said they were ready to step up into their crystalline role and service. Sounds great, right? They also said they would love our help with that. Organizing communuity projects is my jam, so here we are with the global tree lighting project! All who love trees and wish to support their crystalline development are invited to join us. In this video, I share about the expansive roles that trees play on this planet. Ready to expand in their crystalline function they would love our help lighting them up.

Many are also ready to meet and work with you, the awakened souls on this planet. They have much knowledge and love to give and are here for us as we move through ascension. Most importantly, I provide suggestions on how to begin finding and connecting to trees in your region!! Most important part of this is opening up your heart and letting the tree network know you are ready to support them. The rest will flow. Keep coming back each day for new suggestions!! We will also be doing a community gathering on April 11 where we will join together in lighting up the tree network!!


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