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Energy Report: An Expansive Weekend of Growth including Crystalline Resource Circulation, Starseeds,

Quick update: A lot has shifted since we went to bed last night. Many can likely feel the acceleration and purification moving in. I wanted to take a moment to share about some of it! Please excuse me if my phrasing is a little awkward, I am writing through multiple streams of energy. I am doing my best to bring it in smooth and grammatically proper flow! That grounded awareness that yes, this is happening helps strengthen this connection. Hearts open and ready to receive this huge flow of great news!


Starseed souls have in the past, traveled to the planet in various groups. Those groups, at one time, were targeted by various programs. Genetic manipulation that some called science, others called mutilation, occurred. Many of the lightworkers who are on this earth in earlier waves have come across this.

The past few months but this weekend in particular, we have been purifying the energetic resonance of these events. Starseed grief, controlling, feelings of servitude and debt, programs of ownership and control are being wiped from our systems. We must self select into these adjustments by choosing to walk away from the programs. Once that happens, bam. Influx comes. Are you ready for peace yet? It is up to you to end the programs you were connected to if that is part of your story. I believe in you.

Have any of you had dreams of traveling through corridors, woodland areas, or specifically in trains last night? Many of us were on the move supporting those of you who have chosen that peace to become free from the dimensional spaces your genetic adjustments and/or servitude had tied you to. As you know once you open your heart to this truth; You are never alone.

PLEASE NOTE: These are some of the programs and wave of distortion we have been working on releasing for some time. There is no danger, that part of our existence is over. Now, we are in the process of disentangling from timelines where war and these actions existed. The purification of codes I share about is part of this. Some people may be replaying moments of great fear and vulnerability as part of their energy shifting and choice for freedom. I repeat: believe in you. Peace is real. You can do this.


Many children are involved in supporting energy The souls of awakened children on this earth right now are incredibly valuable guides to those in transition. Many are incredibly in tune with the earth and our collective. They can feel the great shifts occurring. Astral and/or vocal communication with their souls and extra care for their energy bodies helps them feel comfort during this time. Just as caring for your own physical vessel is important, so too is looking after theirs. A great barometer: If you can feel it, they can too. And most likely, in much higher intensity and detail. You and they made an agreement to be here together because they deemed you as capable of providing safe and loving care for them. Release self doubt and anger/annoyance and step into this with as much love as you can.

Animals are very much ready to support children. Throughout many parts of our awakened existence, they have. Damien (my beloved cat companion) would like those of you who have children to know that you can connect to the awakened animal collective and call forth an animal partner or guide for your child if you feel they are part of this. The animals are here to support them in the astrals. We have way more to share about this which we will continue as flow inspires.

Dinosaur energy and wisdom is also flowing in. Last evening as I slept, I had a dream where they were reintegrating with us on earth. Many of us were happily finding places to batten down the hatches as they came in. I have worked with dinosaur energy many times over the years. I am grateful they are preparing to share their knowledge more and more.


Many of us have been involved in shifting energy around systems of exchange and circulation. A revisiting of 'feeling the pinch' which offers a chance to form a new pathway. Forming a crystalline pathway to resource circulation has been a big focus. I step away from the concept of abundance and to invite in the frequency of alternate perspectives on how we flow through our lives. The term abundance is/was powerful for a long time! As I shift my frequency, I realize the energetic strings that come with it and am inspired to detach. This has inspired me to begin adapting the terminology "I connect to crystalline resource circulation' as a way to flow into that. I will share more about that in our ascension conversation community as well as here next week.


I am excited to say that some of the main tasks I am sharing about here are being beautifully worked on in group activities in Love Wave and Awakening Animal Collective (two groups I host here on FB). I send a big thank you to those joining in these activities. It is fun to work together on tasks we feel aligned with and to hear about how the experiences of our lives blend together. We welcome new friends to join us who come with love, peace, and compassion in their hearts.

I am back at it with a community call today, the global tree network project kick off tomorrow, and the starseed course offering beginning on Tuesday. If you would like to know more about any of those things, click this link!! Walkin and starseed experience having souls are especially called. I am here and ready to share with you: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/single-post/2019/03/29/April-with-IndiCrow-events-classes-and-community-activities

*Please feel free to share! This is a community resource*

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

If you are seeking more specific guidance on these topics, please feel free to contact me and book in for a 1:1 session. My email is katieindicrow@gmail.com.

Providing these updates and ongoing open access tools to support our development through the ascension process is part of my contribution to this planet. If you feel inspired, crystalline resource circulation in the form of monetary contribution would be gratefully received to paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow.

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