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April with IndiCrow (events, classes, and community activities)

Greetings, friends!

April is here and I am excited. The Equinox brought with it new energetic possibilities and veil thinning. I am back from one journey and poised to embark on another to prepare the grids for solstice. I am excited to say that for the next two months, my focus is firmly placed on providing the best environment for learning, support, and co-creation that I possibly can. Here is a list of some of the great stuff we have going on and how you can take part in it!

Please note that all times are set in ADT. You may double check your zone with this time and date converter. Please note that Nova Scotia zones flip flop with the clock and ensure double checking to make sure you do not miss our gathering.

Saturday, March 30: 12-1/1:30 pm: Open community call and check in. Taking place online and through zoom, we will gather together at 12 pm! Click this link to register. This gathering is part of my service to community and as such, there is no charge to participate. That said, I gratefully receive donations for participation which you can work through the linked site. Click here to register: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/community-call

Monday, April 1-11: Global Tree Network Community Project! First introduced yesterday through Crow's Nest the global tree project is all about showing love to the trees of the world. We will be working together to light up the network with various activities that we can do in our day to day lives and fun group activities. If you liked what we were doing for Equinox, it is more of that! Find us in LOVE WAVE on FB which is acting as the hub zone for this activity. Check out the last 20 minutes of Crow's Nest to hear more about it.

We will be doing activities each of the ten days and having a group gathering on the 11! (See below)

Tuesday, April 2: Starseed Self Connection Course: Round 1 begins. Registration open and starseeds welcome. Taking place over the course of 4 weeks, this program is all about going deep. Click here for more information and contact me at katieindicrow@gmail.com to register.

Wednesday, April 10: Coding: Introduction to Coding: Feel inspired by the coding videos and images I show? Already feeling like you are intuitively doing this on your own? Feeling inspired to learn more about how to connect to and learn more about this process? It so, this is a great offering for you. Taking place online through an IndiCrow private forum and with video lectures being released each week, ongoing interaction and feedback with me through the forum, and concluding with a community gathering. The offering is 4 weeks plus our wrap up. Exchange is $333 - $440 CAD, pay what you can. Partial scholarships are available. Please contact me directly to register at katieindicrow@gmail.com. I design content of these gatherings based on incoming participation. Notice as early as possible about your desire to participate in this would be appreciated.

Thursday, April 11: Global Tree Network Community Gathering: Taking place online through zoom, this will be a community light gathering hosted by me. Together, we will be working on lighting up and paying honour and respect to the global tree network. This is a service gathering and as such, there will of course be no charge. As always, donations lovingly received.

Monday, April 15: Intermediate-Advanced Coding: This will be an intensive 4 week study program that involves content distribution interspersed with live meetings. It will be taking place in a private community forum where we will be able to share work, experience, and feedback. We will have approximately 3 (possibly 4) hours of live class calls as well as materials on exercises to practice and implement in your practice. The description remains open because the format the class will take will be largely inspired by the participants who join it. Exchange for this series is $444-555 CAD, pay what you can. Please contact me directly to register. I will be keeping this an intimate group. Get in touch if this is something that your heart is calling for!

Thursday, April 18: Ascension For Beginners: This is a new series of pay what you can community calls that are focused on the waking up experience. I will release more about that later on in the month.

Monday, April 22: Starseed Awakening and Connection: I will begin a second wave of the previously listed starseed program this day for those who are interested! Click here for more information: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/single-post/2019/03/26/Attention-Starseeds

As always, of course, we have the new ascension conversation community. We have just begun an energy body expansion group activity and participants joining in pure love are welcome:

Sessions: Of course, I am also working happily in sessions! Please reach out to book in. My costs are currently expanding. As a result, I will be raising my prices next month from $122-166 to $144-$200 CAD. Please take note of this upcoming change.

I am excited to share this month with you!!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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