• Katie IndiCrow

A Short Exercise on Welcoming in and Anchoring Light

A Short Exercise on Welcoming in and Anchoring Light to be used at Equinox (or any time) Connect to the crystalline core of planet earth Envision yourself opening up your energy column/chakra system/ascension pillar and prepare to call forth the highest vibration of soular crystalline energy possible. Invite the soular crystalline energy in, coming straight from source, all the way into your energy and physical bodies, bathing you in its soft and gentle frequency. Allow it to activate, align, and purify you. When you are ready, envision your body growing into a big huge pillar of light Intend to send this light into the crystalline grid. Viewing the column as a plug is a great way to envision making that connection. Feel the light energy flowing through you to the places you feel guided to share it. Complete the practice as you are ready. And so it is! Join in a group light anchoring event tomorrow!: https://www.facebook.com/events/328419824457295Live event /.

In loving co-creation, Katie IndiCrow 

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