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Equinox Codes and the Heart Grid: Join IN Our Test and Prep Activities, Today!

Greetings, friends! If you recall in my post yesterday, I mentioned that we would be doing some systems testing today. Part of that testing is a practice run of various forms of co-creation and energetic building/management of the various groups of lightworkers acting on ascension related tasks. We understand very much that the earth is shifting and that these transitions are having real world impacts. This is important. I have been receiving multiple emails from people feeling worried about the impact of this on the collective. I hear you, friends, and many of us have been working on finding ways to connect with and work through this process on many layers. We are also always improving the way that ascension happens. That is in part what all the blueprinting going on is about (building a better process and creating purified, love based timelines and trajectories). Those of you who came here to support these phases have been practicing your work, some for years. Making major changes like we are takes diligent effort. I extend thanks and gratitude to all who are participating in co-creation. If you are part of Love Wave and/or have been joining in the calls for ceremony and co-creation that I have been issuing for years, our practices like sending love through the grids and helping souls cross over, as well as sending our colours into the grids is part of this. (Yes, that was practice. Every time you came and did this, you were refining your skills.) As I and many writers have been sharing since around this time in 2016, learning to come together in unity and group participation is important. Choosing to do your sacred task and becoming aware of and in alignment with others during certain phases like Equinox and the next two to three months (and many times after that) is incredibly important to us moving on in our next steps of planetary and personal expansion. Today, we are doing a systems test in some of the tasks that many in our community work and co-create on. One of the main parts we are focusing on is our connection with the human heart grids and working with transfiguration of energy as massive adjustments are made relating to the influx of purified crystalline codes. We will also be testing that code process. I invite you to join us in that process if you are called in this work. Examples of how to do that are: This planetary balance meditation practice that we did earlier this year. In it, we connect to the heart grid and offer our support along with the help of unicorns!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2mWwDxCT7s&t=28s Planetary Balance Taking the time to do your personal work including allowing yourself to receive DNA upgrades. The major transitions we all seek come from within. Here is a video on DNA upgrades: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6zlxY8UAHo&t=3s DNA Upgrades If you want to know more about and/or participate in the Equinox and lead up events I am hosting, check out this event gathering zone. There are even more examples of practice activities you can do in there:  Equinox / As colleague Sandra Walter wrote in a recent Equinox based update, major scale events will happen and have happened as we have been ready. Not only are gateways like this highly important because of the growth we can have internally, they also teach us a lot about cooperation and prepare us for bigger tasks that we will be creating in the future! In loving co-creation, Katie IndiCrow Blog: www.indicrowenergetics.com 

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