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Expanding Your Energy Body

A Community Learning Session On Advancing your Energy Body Awareness, Understanding, and Performance

Greetings, friends!

I am excited to announce this community learning session taking place on Sunday, March 24 from 2-4:30 pm ADT. That is a timezone accessible to most but not all of the main areas that readers come from. Find out what time it is where you are by entering your city and Halifax, Nova Scotia: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

The main premise of this special topics session is that our bodies are amazing tools that we can connect to with joy, passion, and fun as part of our experience on this planet. One of the great gifts of ascension is that as we raise our vibration, the ways we connect to and experience them expands. We realize that our energy body and our physical bodies become one. When they merge and begin flowing in synch (which is a big part of awakening) we learn that they allow us to have complex, multi-dimensional experiences.

Together, we will work through some fun exercises and information about how to listen to, connect to, code, and care for our advanced expanding energy bodies as part of our practice. A big part of the engaged experience is learning how to listen to and operate what I refer to as our 'body ships' as a vehicle through which to experience and call forth our sacred gifts and embodied experiences. This will include discussing our extended and expanding chakra system and/or energy sensors and how they gather information for us as well as enable us to travel interdimensionally, learning to communicate directly with your body as it communicates messages to you, and how you can build these skills into your practice.

Not able to be there live? That is ok! The information I am sharing in this session will be recorded and so it is possible to register now and catch it later. I know this is a topic that people are widely interested in and it is important to me that this information is accessible!

Paid members of the IndiCrow Ascension forum: This will serve as one of our monthly learning activities for March. You will be granted access through our forum. If you would like to learn more about that forum, click here: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/single-post/2019/02/28/Ascension-Conversation-Forum-Invitation-and-Announcement

Exchange: $44.44 USD - $66.66 USD, pay what you can. If you are a donor, IndiCrow Academy student, or community member and would like to access this material but cannot make that exchange, do reach out. I have several guest spots and am also able to offer partial scholarships so long as I remain in balance. Please reach out to me privately and I will pass along our registration information.

To register, click here: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/expanding-your-energy-body

I am on the road this week and into next for Equinox. Gateways are great times to start new courses of study and activity. As such, for those who are ready it is an opportune time to register for an offering like this, one of my other affordable skill sets training options, or one of my full courses. I do love to receive support in the way of donations and gratefully continue to do so. I do encourage those of you who are ready or curious to think about engaging in a course of study in exchange for your contribution! That is a great way for you to help me cover costs of my journey while also learning some new skills to apply in your practice! Click here to check out my full course listing.:

As noted, I also gratefully receive donations to paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow or if in Canada, through etransfer to katieindicrow@gmail.com

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