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Lessons from Sasquatch, Muskrat, and Raven: Traditional Languages Are Keys to Sacred Knowledge

Greetings, friends!

A great way to connect to how to care for parts of this earth is to listen to the sacred knowledge that is stored in the land. When I am called to a part of the grids to fix, activate, connect, or create something, the first thing I do is humble myself to the sacred knowledge keepers who live and have lived there. As part of ongoing participation in Ontario and Quebec, Canada, this has meant intentional connection with Ojibwe culture and elders. The information I share with you today comes from this interaction and is offered in honour and respect with the intention of expanding our understanding of the words that we speak and their power.

I thank Muskrat, Sasquatch, and Raven for their gentle guidance into these lessons.

The Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers

As part of our learning Sasquatch, Muskrat, and Raven brought me to the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers. Each grandfather is a principle teaching which reflects a core traditional value and summarized by a verb or 'doing' word that you may implement in your life. They are:

Minwaadendamowin – Respect

Zaagidiwin – Love

Debwewin – Truth

Aakodewewin – Bravery

Nibwaakawin – Wisdom

Miigwe’aadiziwin – Generosity

Dibaadendiziwin – Humility

Taken together, they represent the core of what it is to live a good and balanced life in alignment with creation. These teachings are in part the codes that are in the land I will be working through for Equinox. The ancient teachings encapsulated in these words and the practices and histories they connect to are to be activated and highlighted within the crystalline library once again.

Visiting Ojibwe.Net

An important part of receiving these teachings has been to spend time listening to, reading, and speaking them. Fortunately, many Ojibwe share the cultural belief that their language holds sacred knowledge that is important to the survival of earth and all her creatures. Because of this, there are resources like Ojibwe.Net whose purpose is to make their language and practices accessible to all. This link brings you to the page specifically about the Grandfathers: http://ojibwe.net/projects/prayers-teachings/the-gifts-of-the-seven-grandfathers/

The elders I was working with were specific that I was to move through each of the grandfathers and to feel what it felt like to say the word. To replay it and to connect to what it felt like to hear another say the word. I was then encouraged to think about and feel through the extended teaching. What did each say? What did they mean? How would living them feel?

It felt different than saying the words in English or French. Try it for yourself. What do you feel?

The Vibrational Layer of Language

Moving through this process with Ojibwe brought me to a layer of understanding about the importance of indigenous languages that I am here to share now:

These languages are connected to a vibrational connection to the earth that is incredibly complex and heart based. Listening to them (and practicing along) brings you into a lexicon of rich vibrational experience. These languages were created by people living in great harmony with the earth to describe and relate to her in all her complexity. Within the sounds that constitute them are lessons for all of us seeking to understand unity and connection with all that is. In addition to the sounds are the words they connect us with are the stories they are used to tell. Woven together, it becomes a rich tapestry of meaning, interpretation, and performance.

The Seven Grandfathers are beautiful and powerful examples of this in that they represent an entire way of connecting to the world and one another. They serve as a framework through which balance is created and negotiated in a day to day context. They are not just words, they are a way of living and being in togetherness with one another and the earth. Saying them in their Ojibwe format helps one to feel and experience that vibrationally. I think that is pretty neat!

Welcoming Sacred Knowledge With Our Words

As many people are waking up to the beauty of lightcodes and the squiggly drawings, it felt important to say that many of us have connections to ancient languages like Gaelic or Aramaic or Ojibwe. When we take the time to read and connect to them, in particularly when we are in a high vibrational state, we allow ourselves to become open to the teachings that they offer in multidimensional ways. Have you ever cried when you heard a word or a song in ancient instrumentation? This is an example of how that works.

When we allow ourselves to read, hear, and say these words and we treat them with respect, we are brought into entire energetic realms of existence. Listening to the language and reading the stories, even if you do not understand them, brings you into connection with that sacred knowledge.

This offering from Sasquatch, Raven and Muskrat delivered to and through myself is a loving reminder and invitation to connect to the codes and ways of living that have been stored here on this earth in ancient language and myth.

As we will be discovering more and more in the coming years, the truth of the beauty of earth and how to connect with her has always been stored there.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

I highly recommend the resource www.Ojibwe.net. There are resources for people of all ages including books for children, poetry about earth, and ceremonial practices there.

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