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Connecting All Your Light Spaces (pt.1)

Greetings, friends!

It is another beautiful day for us to continue with our Equinox preparation. As we know, one of our big tasks on and leading up to this alignment is to pump as much light as we can into the grids. How do we do that?

Many of us who are inspired to support the energy system of the earth have spent much beloved effort on bringing light to the water, plants, trees, rocks, and fabrics of this planet. This is part of raising the vibration of the gridsystem (which was essential for us to get where we are now with ascension).

Those of you who have trained in my gridowrking programs and/or participated in Love Wave and/or the past two years of public ceremonies have focused on this joyfully. Together, we have worked all around the world connecting to and lighting up the areas that we live in. Our rivers, trees, brooks, parks, ravines, rocks, city streets, and so much more. One of the main points of doing that was (is) to turn the high functioning grids. Another great benefit of having done that is that now we have a whole bunch of spaces all over the world that we have loved, brought light to, and connected in!

*Have you brought the violet flame or crystal light into a tree at its request? How about listened to a rock when it asked to have crystals placed on it in the sunshine? These actions are part of intentional light anchoring and they are part of this!

Did you know that it is possible to string these sites together and have them operating as a linked up network of light columns that we can work with in moments like this?

Once you live, love, and work with a space on the grids, you form a friendship with it. This allows you to more easily connect back into it and to cooperate with the beings who live there as part of your creation and light anchoring on the planet.. For example, as you form the friendship with the tree, you earn its trust and willingness to help you. We help the earth, the earth helps us.

As part of our Equinox activities (and lead up), we will be anchoring as much light into the planet and pumping up the grids as much as we can. A great way that we are going to do this is in part by connecting in all of the places we have created these sacred light anchoring relationships.

Today, in preparation for that activity, I invite you to begin thinking about and perhaps even forming a little list of all the places you have shared your light over the years. Inform these spaces as they come to your memory that you hold the intention of connecting them for the Equinox light project and that you would love their support. If it feels aligned, add them to the list! (Mostly, the spaces that come to mind will be ready to work. Showing this respect and honour is part of building our actions in unity and oneness. It is amazing how much better the planet and her beings respond when shown proper respect.)

What you will find as you make this list is that hey, wow. You have brought a lot of light to your community! That river by your childrens' school, the tree at the front of the hospital, a forest you love walking through. Each of those matter and count!

As you think of each location, add a little light to it by visualizing the column of light you opened with them that day becoming stronger and more broad. If you are ready, begin visualizing golden gridlines of crystal connection running between them. Allow this connection to grow.

Take time on this list over the next few days.

I will be back with further instruction to elaborate and build upon this practice after we have had a chance to work with this part.

If you are seeking more information on how to prepare a space (or yourself) in the manner I am referring to in this post, check out page 31 of 'Connecting In': https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7MIabniR2_LZUlCVWoxTEVnem8/view

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

This post was made as a preparation activity for our Equinox Community Light Anchoring event! Please join us for ceremony on the big day as well as in prep and lead up. Click here for more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/328419824457295/

I will continue to release Equinox preparation activities through this page for those seeking inspiration! If you would like to know more, now, I invite you to check out my blog www.indicrowenergetics.com. There are many materials there about light anchoring, gateways, and how we can contribute our focused intent.

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