Ascension Conversation, Learning, and Creation Space: Invitation and Announcement

Greetings, friends of my blog!

I am writing today with an exciting announcement: I created an ascension conversation forum!!! It is brand spanking new, hosted on google classroom, and is based around the idea of more intimate sharing and focused topic exploration. I would love to invite those of you ready to co-create engaging community space to join in the fun.

Access: The forum is hosted on google classroom. This is great because while we get an app, institutional support, and a user intuitive layout. Yay!

Themes of Engagement and Flow: I envision this forum functioning as a skills development and creative engagement space. Through it, I will share energy tools and practices, provide guidance, host community meetings, and enjoy heart based interaction with you. Think of it as an expanded version of what we do in our community calls, group training, and Love Wave/Awakening Animal Collective l mixed together in one awesome series of forum spaces.

To get started, we have four main 'rooms' of conversation/themes of engagement. They are:

A) Ascension Community Conversation Hub: This is our main room. I will be posting ongoing content of a general and fun nature on this page. Energy updates and ascension messages will also be posted here. So too will all community events and announcements. This is one that I recommend all members be part of. People are welcomed to post conversation topics and questions that are of interest and not fitting into the other themed rooms here. We can expand a hot topic into its own themed room as the interest shows! *For now, I will also be using it as the main space to direct conversation flow/communicate about what is going on in the other forum threads until people are flowing on their own. If you make a post in here that is aligned with another one of our threads, I may suggest/direct that conversation be flowed into it.* B) Self Care Circle: This is all about what is going on with our bodies, minds, and health as we move through ascension. This includes sharing about what we are experiencing along with influxes (like super dry lips or itchy skin) and how to fix it/what it means. Solar flares got us up all night? Working on how to stay on track with an empowerment program? It is all in here. C) Energy Tools and Skills Expansion: This page is where we go to learn and share about the tools we are working and the skills we are expanding. This has a 'learning group' and practice component where we will be doing fun activities like practicing picture reading and various other forms of skills work like energy body balancing and timeline clearing. This is also where we can go to share about our andara developments, connecting to ets, astral travel adventures, animal and nature connection, and all that fun stuff! D) Starseeds, Walkins, and Intergalactic Explorers: This is a group for people who are at various stages of connecting to their lives in the stars and how that works here on earth. This includes sharing information about star groups, learning how to adjust to being in a human body. Learning how to love and live in a body ship, figuring out different ways we connect and shift our soul aspects, and simultaneous lives are all up for conversation, here!

Membership: Membership is worked on a month to month basis as we get rolling. For now, exchange of participation is $22.22-$44.44 USD per month, pay what you can.

What you get: Access to intentional, heart based conversation and sharing. Access to a monthly call. The opportunity to create and engaging and lively community. There is original content on here that I do not share anywhere else as well as a growing list of compiled resources that I will be building into each room.

These are early days of the forum. Keep that in mind as you connect for registration. If you are keen to share ideas and conversation and find being in on an early part of a project, this is a great time to come in. If you prefer things to be more well rounded and levelled out, perhaps come back in a month or two as we have become more formally sorted.

To register, click in through IndiCrow Academy. There is a little instruction manual and how to flow chart of how google classroom and this forum will work Included through the registration access package.

I am SO excited about this. Thank you for being here with me as part of it:

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