Crow's Nest: Creation updates, Starseeds, and Equinox next steps

*I also conclude with a fun community announcement*

In this Crow's Nest, I share about our current energetic process. We are experiencing a phase of purification and upgrading which is being supported by solar influx. The gateway purification progression that we are part of is helping us prepare for another major timeline transition set for Equinox. We can do this!

The shifting vibration of ourselves and our world is palpable. Have you noticed that the images you took over time are changing? Our eyes and our environments are changing and together, we are able to see much more. It is wonderful to have this form of validation that our efforts are working and it is super fun to see rainbows everywhere.

The influxes of the gateways this month support our connection to our inner being. The waves bring us ever closer to that. Taking the time to study and reflect is an important ascension creation task. You are not being lazy.

A big thing I have been working on recently is connecting to newly awakening starseeds and their experiences coming online on earth. A major wave has been moving through and another is discovering deep rooted shock and pain from their journey. I see you, I feel you, and I know it can be weird to hook into the human body form. I will be sharing more about this and have set up a specific page in my new community forum dedicated to us.

As many of us wrap up our current tasks, we are given the chance to choose which tasks our ascension pathway will focus on. What will our next projects be? Allowing what brings us joy to be our barometer is a great way to determine that. If you have not begun calling forth your new tasks and update ascension tasks and have recently undergone a reset, now is a great time to do that.

Next week, we begin moving more into alignment for Equinox. I have already begun preparation for this over the last months. I also get to go to Montreal and Toronto to take care of some ascension tasks. It will be wonderful to be in those cities, again.

At the end of the broadcast, I share about my new community ascension forum. To access it, click here: Ascension Conversation Forum:

More from me in the next few days as we connect to Equinox.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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