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Dissolution of Inorganic Timelines

It is said that a picture is worth worth a thousand words. This photo from this AM says it all. You can see the funnel of greyish cloud energy being moved into/through the sun. This is very much what is occurring as part of our gateway alignment with outdated programming, inorganic timelines, and those which are secondary, tertiary and distorted.

Over the past few days, you may be noticing ripples of confusing and vbrationally unpleasant behaviour coming up in yourself and/or those around you. Lashing out, the repeating of old and painful timelines and stories, attempts to secure/revisit imbalanced power relationships, witch-hunt based narratives, unfounded accusations, and other parts of what characterized earth timelines that was not so fun to experience are coming up.

Though it can be unpleasant to hold space as these energies shift, it is part of their being written out of the planetary relation codes. Many timelines hold distortion which contributes to imbalanced relations with self and others (among other things). Leaving those timelines involves stepping out of that. This happens by releasing any connections we have to it within ourselves which many people are calling 'the purge'. It can be uncomfortable to release programming. If you are a space holder, you may be noticing the ripples come up in those around you. Anger, distortion, and projection of inorganic reality onto those in love unfortunately has happened throughout history. Use these as moments to heal yourself of any remnants of those unfortunate times .Please take heart and know that you holding in love is the blueprint. Keep at it!

TO ALL working through this: I love you. I believe in you. You got this!

Here is an energetic practice of release and connection that may be of use:



-Select a comfortable space where you are able to connect into source and yourself in peace and ease.

-Purify the environment with smudge, sound, and crystals (or any combination of the three).

-Smudge yourself.

- When you are ready to begin meditation, connect your energy body to the crystalline core of earth

- Connect to your oversoul (or unified soul, whichever concept you feel most resonates).

- Intend to align yourself with the highest vibration that is available to you in this moment and feel that energy beginning to move through you. Know that you will be moving into the process of purifaction, transfiguration, and release of all which is not that.

- Invite the crystal white light of purification to enter through you and intend that it dissolves all secondary, tertiary, and inorganic timeline energy from your field.

- Feel this energy deriving straight from source, whispering through every cell and energy string that is connected to your life.

- Renew your connection to your oversoul (unified soul) and intend to begin focusing this white light on releasing outdated timelines, false memories and distortions from your system. *You may want to work on each piece as opposed to the three at once. For example, direct to outdated timelines and then adjust. False memories, then adjust. Distortion, then adjust.*

- Feel the energy to which you are directing the white light begin to be transfigured. Stay here as long as you need to.*You may have memories or flashes of insight as you work through this part. There may also be flashes of feeling. If you get scared or begin to feel off balance, renew your connection to the crystalline core and source. Stay here, reminding yourself that you are safe. That you are loved. That you are free.

- Once you have completed this exercise, connect back in to your energy body and aspects. You may notice that it feels lighter and more stable than when you touched in at the first of this meditation.

- Circle your auric field with a huge pink ribbon of light.

- Call in the peach energy of peace and feel it rippling through you.

- Say out loud: I am an autonomous energetic being.

- I release all narratives, stories, and energies that tie me to inorganic roots.

- I harmonize myself to the frequency of peace, beauty, and love.

- I connect to my crystal ascension pathway existence. This is who I AM.

And so it is.

- When you feel strong and full of love, end the meditation.

You may want to repeat this activity for several days in a row. As noted, we heal ourselves in waves. As we align one part, we call forth the conditions to shift others. Being gentle with ourselves while maintaining consistent practice and self realness works.

*If you are a spaceholder through this: I know it is hard. Even if you may not be having experiences 'internally' where these distortions are occurring, it may be rippling up in your field. It is possible to shift these codes out of your energetic pathway by maintaining your connection to your crystal pathway. Each time these waves come up is an opportunity to recommit to your high vibe life and to live it. Have boundaries. Honour yourself. Get and stay on the highest vibration of timeline you can as the rest of it moves out. It will end.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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