Gateway Update: Rainbows, Connecting to Sacred Knowledge, and Body Upgrades

Greetings, friends!

In this quick video, I take a break from gatekeeping to encourage those feeling aligned to celebrate these moments. As the video starts off, even the sun and moon are photographing differently, this week. That is all because of our hard work!

I share a bit about the proces of cosmic integration and the opening up of the light library where all crystal information is stored. Want to access yours? Open up your energy field and call it forth during the influxes. Allow your curiousity to guide you. It is there!

I am spending much of my time in practice and focus as this gateway goes on. There will be a community gathering on Sunday online (linked below) as well as an online animal consciousness connection workshop on Saturday (also linked below). Please feel free to join in if you feel inspired!

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Materials referenced:

Community Call Access for Sunday, February 24 at 6 pm:

Animal Consciousness Workshop:



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