Connecting to Love: Choosing Our Vibration For The Day

Greetings, friends!

We are in the midst of multiple pockets of energy transitions. This means that many of us are 'feeling it'. Crossing dimensional frequency and becoming more able to feel when these fluxes happen can be a part of the journey that many of us struggle to manage, at times. Here is a video that I made for people who are newly connecting to the ascension experience with some basic tips on how to connect to love and create.

Highlights are:

Focusing on daily connection: Today, I choose love. Today, I connect to joy. Today, I connect to joyous experience (more in video)

Movement Exercise and dance helps us shift out cellular transition, connect to joy, and ground. Sometimes extra stretching and sweating is exactly what our bodies need.

Grounding Feel a little unstable as the waves are moving through your body? Allowing yourself to connect to nature and the crystalline core of earth can be a great way to integrate and shift through those waves.

We have the power to have a great day. We have the power to choose to ascend. As I share in the video, this is a way of living, loving, and connecting in the world. When we begin focusing more on how we connect to ourselves, we are more able to understand, work with, and shape the vibrational reality around us. If you would like more information about vibrational reality and why we make that choice, I recommend this video that I took at a favourite tree:

*Please excuse the use of the word symptoms. I would now say ascension energy experience in its place. This video was made before I had adjusted my vocabulary to be more balanced. The word symptom codes this as a sickness, when truly what we are experiencing are opportunities to shift.*

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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