Adventuring in the Astrals

Greetings, friends!

Astral travel is a fun and exciting part of our ascension journey. Connecting together, to sites, to planets, and to tasks outside of the bounds of time and space is so fun! As we know from our ceremonies together and work on global healing events, or also from our desire to work more on the planet, a lot can be shared and co-created to when we are connected.

Last spring, I began offering astral work training through IndiCrow Academy for those who were interested in learning more about what astral work is, how we connect to (and remember it), how we can work in councils and in other astral groups as part of our co-creation, and how it is possible to connect to and work with specific locations.

I writing today to let you know that I am preparing to share this class once again. The format is 3 modules of exercises and information (lots of exercises) and it concludes with a class astral travel adventure and exploration that is led by me.

Themes focus are: a) understanding astrals (fundamentals) and this includes what we do when we are awake and asleep

b) Developing dimensional awareness

c) Astral cooperation and meetups (this includes a focus on lightworking activities)

d) Live astrals adventure class: 2 hours of astral connection with myself and our classmates where we travel together and practice our skills.

The class is set to begin on February 28/March 4 depending on the preferences of participants. If we fill up early, we can get going as soon as is wanted.

Exchange is $260-320 USD, pay what you can which converts to $383- 423 CAD. I am open to receiving payment plans. I also often take people in on partial scholarship. Please contact me directly if that is an opportunity you would like to discuss.

*I have so far only offered this in group format due to the sensitive nature of astral work. If you prefer to study alone, please reach out. We can speak about forming alternate arrangements.

Here is access to the course landing page if you would like to take a look at it:

If you would like to check out a preview version of this offering, you may access this 90 minute skills session that covers the basics that the longer class elaborates upon, here:

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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