Energy Update: Alignment, Adjustment, Expansion pt. 2

Greetings, friends!

Earlier this week, I shared a post describing the expansive and transformational potential since just before Imbolc. I wrote about the joy, but also the experience of rapid adjustment that we connect to as we step into and live through our crystal timelines.

To get there, however, we must cleanse. We find moments of bifurcation, experience choice points, and in some cases, can feel fairly uncomfortable as we go through this. Even when in surrender, the continuous pulses of energy that constitute the heartbeat of our 12d plus earth template which is now in place can be confusing at first.

In this video, I share about the current expansion process and offer practical advice on tools you may like to use as part of your pathmaking through it. I will also share some updates about the work that I have been doing as part of my gatemaster activities. There will be crystals and a story told through a grid. Everything is awakening. The elements are harmonizing. We are aligning with our cosmic arm.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Resources noted in broadcast:

"Stepping through Worlds: Waves of Bifurcation" (for when we find ourselves at major transition points and it feels rough):

Embodiment: Course offering all about harmonizing with energies such as planets, essences, and elements as part of your life and work (click link for more information):

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