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Empowerment Is: Recognizing Your Patterns and Changing Them

It is ok to not be perfect. As we move through this passage, that which is inside of us that requires balancing will be brought forth.

Awakening has a lot to do with becoming conscious. It happens when we allow ourselves to understand our beingness on a deep level.

Passageways bring with them the opportunity for us to see ourselves (and others) in new and different ways. They shape the energetic interaction zone where 'same old patterns' are brought up to be reviewed, released, and/or adjusted. Notice 'that thing' happening over and over again? This is because we are being given an opportunity to understand and shift it. Our souls and the alignments will bring 'it' up, over and over again, until we choose to deal with it.

The sooner we realize that, the better. It is not fun to repeat painful patterns that are so easily fixable through small behavioural adjustments or the release of an outdated belief.

When faced with these moments where our own 'stuff' is brought up, we sometimes act in embarrassment, anger, and denial. It can be hard to understand or see how we may be creating imbalance in our own lives (or those of others). So many times, when we are not ready to see ourselves we push away the people and circumstances that represent our higher alignments. We are not ready to see ourselves with love, patience, generosity, or empathy. We repeat the pattern. We move away from what highlights the 'stuff' in an attempt to forget that it happens. We tell ourselves that it is 'everyone else' and not us. We find ways to justify what we are doing. We shield ourselves.

Other times, though, we are ready.

In those moments, we are able to recognize the revisiting of a pattern and to see how we are creating it. As we grow, we understand that we may make mistakes, overreact, and unintentionally hurt people we love. If or when we do that, we are able to take ownership of our actions, move beyond blame into understanding, and figure out the deep innerworkings of why we are the way we are. If we do not feel pleased with that, we find ways to adjust like making a gameplan for how we will act when this thread is brought up again. In that moment, we choose our ascension pathway by having the strength and courage to act differently.

We empower ourselves by recognizing that we do 'this thing' and find a way to bring balance, harmony, and alignment to it.

We grow.

As we move through a pocket designed to bring up imbalance (with many more to come), it felt prudent to reach out and say:

It is ok not to be perfect. Nobody is. Part of our experience is to make mistakes, to get messy. So too are finding ways to beautifully co-create out of these imbalances. Having grace with ourselves and others gives us all more space to BE.

And so it is.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

For more on this, check out today's episode of Crow's Nest. We will be talking about these bands and also, how ascension opportunities like those discussed in this article are moving in through the masses. Many of us are holding space as friends and families are going through their 'shift', often unknowingly. Click here for the live (2 pm Atlantic Standard Time with your zone being indicated on the link) as well as to catch the replay. It turns to a recording the moment we conclude the broadcast!: https://www.facebook.com/katie.indicrow/videos/612105962574690

(In a show of non-perfection, I am sharing this grid that has been shining as I wrote this even though it has incense dust and drip marks from my hair in the picture)


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