Crow's Nest 9/1/2019: Welcome To Our Next Steps

Crow's Nest: Welcome to the Next Steps In this episode of Crow's Nest, we get up close and personal about some of the great opportunities that are opening up in our crystal timelines as we step into them. Sharing some practical tips, we discuss the proces of how to create and build your new timelines. This includes attuning exercises you can use in this now to get into flow with them and how to connect to one reality as another is up for release. It is time for us to let go of our stories, friends. This includes the grand meta narratives we have been operating under. We are free! Let us receive this condition we created for ourselves and one another and fly with it! Please note, I also share some exciting updates about the process of crystal family formation. These broadcasts contain a lot of information and I am an awkward summarizer. Friend Stephanie Dietz has begun taking these neat livestream notes for easy access to the main points. I am sharing them here becasue I love the format and makes the information accessible to those who do not have the hour to watch. Thank-you, Stephanie! "Take 5 min here and there to refine your connection to source to stay in highest vibration. Do you feel like you are on acid? We are entering into crystal timelines and feeling rushes of strong energy (emotions, pains, releases). The theme of 2019: EMPOWERMENT. The process of disintegration of the past (Atlantis and Rose lines) is happening so we no longer are holding on to that pain or even the “wheel of karma”. We came together and voted on twin flame stuff. The crystal DNA was anchored. The points have been cleared. Good work Julie Dhara Roberts. The gift that we have given ourselves in releasing the wheel of karma now we actually get free will. NOTES: Rose Line. It is time to let it go! Using what we learned to find the spark in ourselves again. Congratulations on moving forward into joy and fun. What story are you living that is now dissolving? What happens when you become free? We make things. We create. A lot of people have crossed into their new timelines the last couple days. The waves are creating a dimensional bridge. The new crystal children who are going to be born are now ready to enter the planet. The new wave of children are here. The trajectory of difficult birthing has been shifted! The most crucial thing we can do is be able to provide a loving, nourishing place for them to live in. The new parents are way showing the New way of parenting and childhood. This is the new beginning of the love wave of children to raise the vibration on the planet 🌎 🌈 NO FEAR if your children are having nightmares right now. They are conscious that other souls are on the move and they are bridging. That timeline is settling. You can connect you and your child to your Christed/crystal connected timeline. You are safe. This is the act of creation of our new timeline and living it now in alignment. Co creating your whole new world 🎶 💜 37:00 TIMELINE EXERCISE AND ALIGNMENT SPECIAL FOCUS: The energy being pumped into the world is a catalyst for us to attract what we want. How to set intentions and create? Build a crystal grid. Draw or paint a picture. Write a list. Connect to your heart and pull the highest energy into your heart. Take the head out of it. Free flow and creation. What else can you do to call in the NEW? Have fun while you hold space for difficult situations as timeline switches and old cycles come up to loop. Do something totally different when these cycles come up to re-write the story for your new timeline cycle. When your old pain based reactions and behaviors come up please evaluate yourself and take ownership to re create your story. Process the feelings and understand you will never have to repeat that narrative again that you have been looping in for thousands of years. You have the choice. Trust it has been cleared on that old timeline. It’s how YOU are perceiving it... NOT how the others in your story are perceiving it. Take the opportunity to refocus that others will do the right thing and as a result your new inter-personal relationships will show up on your timelines as you dissolve the old ones." Exercise and meditation on timeline connection. Creating a crystal corridor to experience your days in. Constructing your crystal timeline and creating the conditions of your life. Understanding which timeline is the crystal one and how to connect to it in life situations. CREATING NEW SPACES FOR TOGETHERNESS: Communication, Community, and Co-Creation 60:00: At the end of the broadcast, I shared about the inspiration to create weekly community calls and other forms of information and co-creation gatherings. As our community grows, the ways we come together is expanding as well! Following the process shared about in the exericse section of the broadcast, we come to the conclusion that I will design a short community survey about how to move forward together. I have yet to create the survey I mentioned because I am full on engaged in gatekeeping the shift that this episode was about that also continues on. I will get to it as quickly as the opportunity aligns. Doing my best and being here together with you all in ways that are meaningful and enriching for all is a high priority.

More from me soon! In loving co-creation, Katie IndiCrow

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