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Want to learn more about energy and/or expand your practice? Here are my top study now options for t

Greetings, friends!

For those of you who are new to my work: Welcome! I Over the past few months, I have been creating new skills upgrades packages that are focused on specific themes of understanding. Their purpose is to provide updated and energy tools and explanations that you are able to use to empower yourself in practice and life! They are also budget friendly, available for a sliding scale ranging from $5.55 - $30.30. They are packed with some of my best and newly emerging information designed in relation to our incoming ascension energies.

As we step into our new cycles, many of us are seeking for ways to expand our knowledge, practice and skill sets! In that spirit, I felt inspired to recommend some of my favourite quick study sessions shared through IndiCrow Academy that are aligned with our current energy trajectories.

The top 3 that I recommend for January are:

UNDERSTANDING YOUR ENERGY BODY: This is a 3 hour session that is all about the basics of understanding your awakening energy body. Taking a chakra based perspective, participants learn about what an energy body is, how to work through it emotionally and energetically, and the cycles that we move through with this as part of ascension. It includes tools that you can use to move energy through your own body, including bringing energy through yourself and caring for your auric field on a daily basis. This is focused on those who are newly connecting to energetic awareness and includes many of the basics that I consider to be fundamental to energy awareness. I HIGHLY

RECOMMEND! SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES. https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/energy-body-basics-chakra-system

ASTRAL EXPLORATION (#1): This skills session is designed to support understanding of what working in the astrals is, how to do it in your own practice, and how to be able to recall and connect with conscious intent. Beginning with a discussion of astrals and dimensional connection, this talk covers topics such as creating a high vibe travel plan, remembering what one is doing during sleep, becoming more conscious of what we are doing awake, and how to refine these skills for lightwork. Its intention is to provide participants with a grounded awareness of astral activities and how to participate in them with mastery. (90 minutes): https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/astrals-class-1

KARMA CLEARING AND SOUL CONTRACTS: This session engages with the notion of karma, karmic connections, soul contracts, and our relationship to them. Since September, 2016, the karmic foundation that we underpinned our worlds has begun to drastically shift. This is exciting! As we raise our vibrations and step into new timelines and paradigms, the promises that we made to support ascension and the relationships we have maintained often come up for review, refreshing, and alignment. This session is for those who are seeking practical steps to review their own karma, including considerations of twin flame and other soul mate based relationships. (90 minutes): https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/karmaclearingandsoulcontracts

If you would like to access this material but are not able to make the financial exchange listed, please reach out. I am happy to create alternate arrangements.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Please note that many of these sessions are recordings of live learning sessions that I host in our community. When live, they are followed by a question and answer period (not recorded to protect anonymity of participants). If you like this format and would like to participate live, I usually host once a month. The date for January still TBD.


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