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Alignments This Weekend

Greetings, friends!

I am so happy to be back in my nest after a few days of rest and relaxation on Prince Edward Island. As I shared in Crow's Nest yesterday, this was an incredible season. We have been brought to the depths of our being and given great chance to examine, align, and connect. For more on that, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BidwAqPBO8

As we know, one season leads into another. We do not experience alignments as bookends. Rather, they weave into and through one another, rippling their influence through our lives and energy systems. I felt our next one kick in to my own system two nights ago as Uranus energy was amplified and anchored in. A planet associated with clicking in rapid change, Uranus is a powerful energy to get into flow with. It is encouraging us to 'wrap up' the loose ends of our previous series so that we may welcome the next. As this encourages us to make our peace with our lessons, we also have the sun and Saturn conjunction as well as our new moon and partial solar eclipse, tomorrow. As we wrap up these cycles of our spirals, it is also time to welcome in what is next!

On many levels, this is to be a powerful weekend. Those who are energy sensitive may be feeling the ramping up occurring once again. The fog of the last few weeks is beginning to clear. Though emotional cleansing may still continue, remember that the relations and interactions we have that challenge us are here to help us grow. (I spoke about this on Crow's Nest, also. It is time stamped for easy access.)

This weekend is a wonderful time to allow yourself to form your intentions and call forth your objectives for our next spiral steps. If you are able to remain calm within the influxes and to connect your experience to the crystalline timeline experience as opposed to those from which you migrated, this is a chance to really see that you and this world have changed. As we choose which realities we are going to perceive our lives through, we are often given choicepoint moments where we are able to repeat a pattern (which would happen on one vibration of a timeline) or to create in your new crystalline frequency. Many people are avidly aware of both options. The CHOICE point comes in terms of which one you align yourself to and act through. Yes, it may be tempting to slide back and yes, you may know that the other reality is existing as you are forming this one. Which one you focus on is the one that becomes your path in this now.

This weekend is an excellent time for collaboration and co- creation, as well. If you are seeking guidance to get a start on it, the 12/21 ceremony has many key components and could be used in your own practice now. I will be back tomorrow morning with some suggestions on activities to connect to as part of our anchoring journey with the partial solar eclipse and new moon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

*About two weeks ago, I created this three pack of videos for those seeking energetic support and some exercises to move through energy transitions like this one. It is available on a pay what you can basis beginning at $5.55. I have gotten rave reviews about it from many who have worked with it and offer it with a high recommendation: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/ascension-alignment-pack

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