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2018 was a powerful year, indeed. I believe when we look back at the history of our ascension that we will consider it to have been a major turning point in what happened in ascension. This is the year that we began the mass awakening. This is the year that we began the mass migration to 5dplus crystal (christed) timelines. 12 strand+ dna became activated. The galactic alignment moved into its next phases. Things have changed.

What this has meant for many is mission awakening, completion, and re-direction. Those of us who have been around for a while now have completed major parts of our primary objectives as of mid-October and into November. Excitingly, others who came to initiate and support our next steps have begun connecting to what those will be. Those of us wrapping things up are moving onto new projects. Now that we have passed through this gateway series, what our conditions are and what is the highest alignment creation to make will become more apparent.

I can feel people knowing this but also feeling foggy and wondering how they will proceed next.

Let it be known that the gateway we just completed was significant. We, this earth, in many ways resemble a butterfly rising from its chrysalis stage in these moments. 2018 was a year of inward reflection and deep transformation. For many, it was beautiful yet grueling. Especially these last two months. The conditions upon which the energetic foundation of our earth shifted and so too with it did we regain a very different balance in the grids. People became more open to reflection and processing. Others opened up their amazing gifts. New knowledge and forms of intelligence became available. Old timelines and stories that were so heavy on the energy of earth and our collective ascension trajectory got released and cleared off.

Our environment is shifting so much that how we are doing things must change. This is a beautiful gift.

Through our last gateway we stepped into the crystal timelines for the earth population. We have entered into this beautiful two week period of rest, activation, and great emotional cleansing that was to serve as our alignment period to finish off our personal cycles of healing and growth. How we plan the next steps of our lives and ascension will be influenced by the conditions we are presented with as all of these major transitions settle in. The grogginess that many are feeling right now is all part of this. As the days continue on, this will begin to lift. Perhaps you have begun finding some clarity, already. If you are not quite sure which way to proceed next, there is nothing wrong. Allow yourself more rest, lots of honesty, and water and know that you are in your process of emergence.


If you are ready to begin moving forward, these next few days and weeks are great ones to begin calling in the next steps of your journey. As timelines shift, we are being placed into a new reality of trajectory and possibility. It can take a little time for us to begin figuring out our range of potentials in order to determine which ones are the most exciting and expanding for us. Consciously spending focused meditative practice toward calling in your new alignments and connecting to your highest vibrational potential ascension trajectory is something that you can do this now. Here are a few simple steps that you may find as useful additions to your practice.

1) Connecting to the crystalline core of the earth, envision yourself connecting to your most high vibe crystal timeline available to you in this moment. *If you are new to this type of practice, know that intending yourself to do just that creates the connection. Adding visuals like enveloping yourself in a crystal column traveling down a crystal path can help

you get into the flow of the exercise*

2) Feel yourself calling in the energy of this timeline into your body. It ripples in through your crown and through your entire energy body. You may notice colours or sounds or buzzing as you do so. This is the physical sensation of you aligning to your path!

3) As you are bathing in this energy, intend to connect to each factor you are seeking to make movement on. This could be your career, next steps of personal development, or how to move through a difficult situation. *Using phrases like, "I connect to my highest vibrational crystal timeline alignments" and "I call in my next steps", and "I connect to my sacred knowledge" are all examples of how you may do that.

4) Do this as long as you want. The more you connect to this type of energy, the more you will be able to feel how to best direct the influxes. Some are great for emotional release, others for inspiration and new knowledge, others for upgrading your dna patterns. Practice and deep reflection allows you to enter into that type of discernment! It can be very fun to bring each ripple in and move it through your timelines and energy body.

Though relatively simple, this practice supports our connection to the flow opening up to us after this season of influxes. I recommend making this part of your meditative practice on a regular basis as a way to ensure you are moving in the best steps being presented for you in any moment. Implementing it multiple times a day during gateway transitions can be highly effective to support your continued transformation and growth. I like to do it as I feel the waves coming in. This allows me to make sure I am moving in the right direction as well as acting in the highest vibrational path in my contributions to co-creating ascension.

Congratulations, friends. We did it! Onto our next phases and projects.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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