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Crow's Nest: 2019 and our Emergence

Greetings, friends!

The entry into 2019 and the last two years it has taken us to get to this point have been an incredible journey. It will continue to be. In this installment of Crow's Nest, I give a detailed a summary about how far we have come, the important lessons we have learned, and what is to come next!! This has a lot of focus on the upcoming themes of energy we will be working through with suggestions on how to understand and flow through them.

Time marks for themes of discussion:

Upgrading the human body (working through pain, feelings of discomfort, and sleepiness) as part of our energetic shift: 0-5:00

Duality and choice as part of our ascension experience: 5:00

Stepping into a whole new paradim! Graduation! A recap of Christmas shift and the series of preparations that got us here. This includes Equinox in

March, 2017; both solstices of 2017; and of course, our solar eclipse that came in through Lion's Gate 2017; call to peace; timeline deconstruction: 7:00

Memory and access to sacred knowledge. An opening up of the human library and access to the crystalline field of knowledge. Shifts of memory patterns. The opening of knowledge for everyone at its vibration!!!: 14:00

Return to entering the new paradigm. A discussion of the dynamism of our process and a recap of themes and patterns many worked through over the holidays (and ongoing). This includes personal relationships, going inward and having boundaries, opening up of new skill-sets, the many opportunities our relationships and interactions are bringing us to release our out-dated past patterns, and managing having a high vibe energy field: 22:00.

Living in the flow: 41:00.

Our spiral of healing and supporting one another through this process: 47:00

Setting intentions and calling in next steps: 50:00

As always, my points weave into one another and throughout the episode. I highly recommend listening to it in its entirety.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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