Energy Update: Feeling the Shi(ft) and Rapid Energy Transitions

Greetings, friends!

We are in the middle of a huge energetic awakening! The 12 strand+ DNA has been activated in many souls who are now also crossing into higher frequency bands of consciousness. While this season is certainly exciting, it also comes with moments of huge energetic shifting that can be uncomfortable and confusing. I write this message as a tiding of love for those who are experiencing the ups and downs of energetic transformation that come along with major gateway seasons.

One of the main aspects of awakening is clearing out lower vibrational energy stories and debris that were clogging up our bodies and fields.The rapidity of the energy coming in as we call forth gateway after gateway is bringing things to the surface for many to shift. Quickly. This includes having interactions and experiences that highlight vibrational imbalance in our lives, within and without. Some people use the phrases triggering and dark night of the soul to describe these processes which, though sometimes confusing, ultimately bring us to inner peace. If we look around us, it is possible to find people in great joy, peace, and comfort. It is just as easy to see our brothers and sisters (or ourselves) feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

This process also opens up the experience of what are referred to as psychic senses. One becomes more aware of their environment. This can include hearing other peoples thoughts and feelings, becoming more sensitive to artificial lighting and environment, seeing colours differently, hearing throughout the dimensions, and third eye visions. Yay but also, holy crap in some cases.

While we know that clearing our energy fields and expanding our senses is an important part of this process, doing so at once and in warp speed can certainly by times overwhelming. As we continue on through the next ten days, the vibration of the earth will most certainly rise more and more. Though it may sound hard to believe if you are in a tough feeling position, it is possible to ride the waves as opposed to be crashed into by them. This is when ascension becomes fun! Building a daily practice that allows you to clear and care for your energy field, getting yourself secured into an understanding of how this works so you can identify when ripples are coming through your life and field, and allowing yourself to move into surrender are key components to get to this space.


Over the years, I have spent many hours creating materials to support people through ascension waves and their personal development. I am in the process of compiling all of these materials into an ascension library. The page I am linking here contains some of my most relevant pieces on waking up and working through these more uncomfortable phases including feeling like shi(f)t, triggering and being triggered, and how to get yourself into the highest vibration possible. Understanding gives us perspective to remain calm and loving with ourselves and others in this process:


There are many of us who have been working through this ascension process for the last few years. A major reason of our doing so was to get ourselves through the early parts of it so that we would be able to provide grounded and loving support to our brothers and sisters as the bigger waves of awakening began to happen. Now is an important time for us to be mindful and loving beacons of support and light into our community. Even when that can be difficult. We, too, are being asked to grow in our capability to expand our own fields and service as well.

If you are in a place where sharing light is in alignment, I invite you to connect in to the human heart grid, calling forth your highest vibratoinal alignments, and sending out a wave of love and comfort to those who are ready to receive it. There are many people calling out for help right now, and we have the ability to support them.

For those with this skillset, connecting directly to the collective consciousness of the planetary energy field is helpful at this time. Feel into which resonance you are most aligned to provide support with. Allow yourself to shift the pockets that attract you. We have been practicing this skill through ceremony and in the gridworking meetings for almost a year now. You (we) can do this.

If you are feeling so called to receive support with our transitions and embodiment, I am holding space for sessions right up until Christmas. I will also be present throughout much of the holiday season with an anticipated community call, our Solstice ceremony, and ongoing co-operation in lightwork through Love Wave. I am being shown it is important to be here and present for those of you who seek togetherness. It is my honour and joy to do just that.

For those of you joining me through my blog site who do not participate in facebook: I am working closely with Soulogy on the launch of a new internet channel that will be live 24/7 streaming of light based information. My ceremonies will be moving to that forum which means that you will be able to be there live. I also wanted to give you the heads up that my group calls are all done through zoom which is inclusive to you as well. Keep an eye out for announcements.

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


Open access solstice ceremony:

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