11/12-12/12 Peace Ceremony and Celebration Events FINAL SCHEDULE WITH TIME ZONES

Greetings, friends!

Our community event series is upon us and I am so excited to be sharing this with you! The three main public events are all being hosted through Soulogy One Network with the loving support of Todd Medina. You may also always find updates on my main page, IndiCrow Energetics as well as the event folder that has been acting as a landing zone: https://www.facebook.com/events/2552459314772102

All event times have been set in AST which stands for ATLANTIC STANDARD TIME. I am broadcasting from a city called Halifax, Nova Scotia which is located in Canada.

This time zone converter is an easy way for you to make sure that your conversions are accurate: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html


Translated through time zones: 6pm AST Tuesday is

5 pm (Tues) EST

3 pm (Tues) MST

2 pm (Tues) PST

6am (Wed) Australian western time (AWST),

9am (Wed) Australian eastern daylight time (AEDT),

11am NZ (Wed) New Zealand day time) (Wednesday)

Also 11pm central European standard time (CEST,

Peru (PET) 5pm (Tuesday)

WHERE: This event is taking place on FB live as being hosted by myself and Todd. Access will be available through this link. The replay and a shareable copy of the proceedings will be available here in real time! Replay available immediately through this format. https://www.facebook.com/ToddMedinaSoulogyOne/videos/10218218026903271/?hc_ref=ART8WFKsgxLLu25LYk5unIWboy8TR_kbuPE1RqlO_S6Ci2IU900HwwKuIWaoO7FsO7o\

POST CEREMONY COMMUNITY CALL: I have made mention that I will be hosting a post ceremony community call. It will begin about 15 minutes after we complete and is being run through my online school, IndiCrow Academy. Click this link for more details and to register: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/1212CommunityCall


Translated through time zones: Wednesday 2pm AST:

1 pm (Wed) EST

11 am (Wed) MST

10 am (Wed) PST

7pm (Wed) Central European time

5am (Thu) Australian Eastern Daylight time

7am (Thu) NZ day time

1pm (Wed) Peru, PET

Part two of our gathering and celebration takes place during our weekly broadcast spot for Crow's Nest. Taking place on FB live, links and access will be distributed to this group, IndiCrow Energetics, and through the Soulogy network. If you have never seen the Crow's Nest, we like to laugh, and are happy to take questions from the community. A special topic of conversation will be how we begin to engender a peace wave in our lives. Loving communication and examining the reasons why we sometimes feel resistance to peace will be highlighted topics.

WHERE: Being broadcast through Soulogy Network, this event will be live linked in this space as Todd makes it available in the same format as our event today. I will circulate it as it becomes available

You may also click into this event page as landing zone: https://www.facebook.com/events/2552459314772102

PT 3: Wednesday, December 12 at 3:30-5 pm AST: IN THE NEST: ASCENSION CELEBRATION

Translated through time zones: Wednesday 3.30 - 5 AST:

2:30-4 (Wed) EST

12:30-3 (Wed) MST

11:30 AM (Wed) PST

8.30-10pm (Wed) Central European time

6.30- 8am (Thu) Australian Eastern Daylight time

8.30- 10am (Thu) NZ day time

2.30- 4pm (Wed) Peru, PET

One hour is rarely enough to cover everything that is going on!! Especially not when the focus is how amazingly wonderful this planet and the process called ascension truly is. Taking a different format than the Crow's Nest, this will be a call in show that is all about ascension, how this whole process came to be, and to give thanks to all beings in all places who have contributed to it. Joined by special guests from the community like Julie Roberts and Kelly Lapseritis, Vera Ingeborg, and others, we will be sharing messages about the joy of ascension and information about how different groups were and are contributing to this. Dragons, Sasquatch, Pleiadians and more, this is all about giving shout outs and learning more about just how much love, work, and effort has gone into the miracle we are currently co-creating

WHERE: Being broadcast through Soulogy Network, this event will be live linked in this space as Todd makes it available in the same format as our event today. I will place it here when he has created it!


In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

IndiCrow Energetics: www.indicrowenergetics.com

IndiCrow Library: www.indicrowacademy.love

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