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Gathering Our Intentions For Peace on 12/12 (and beyond)

Gathering Our Intentions For Peace on 12/12 (and beyond)

Hey, friends!

Did you know that the first place in the world that it will be December 12 is Christmas Island (Kirimati)? It is located just off the coast of Indonesia and is part of Kiribati. It is the largest coral atoll! Did you know that it is almost Sunday there at the time I am writing this?

This means that we get to tune into this beautiful energy many times over the course of days! This is not a one shot deal alignment. We get to celebrate, anchor, and radiate in this gorgeous spectrum for DAYS! Not to mention we get to connect to it as a loving support to kick off solstice season!

This weekend is a great time to begin gathering together your intentions for embodying peace. This could include:

a) Asking yourself: Am I ready for peace? This is especially important for those who are holding onto a domination and/or war and/or survival mindset. Looking within asking why you are holding on to these feelings and what you require to shift them is an important source of growth, alignment, and release.

b) Thinking about when you feel the most at peace: What creates that feeling? How do you create it in the world around you? In your family, your social relationships, your partnerships, your workplace?

Broaden this by thinking about when you do not feel at peace: What are the situations in which you feel that the qualities you attribute to peacefulness are not there? What are the basis of these situations and what can we learn from them as individuals and on behalf of the collective?

c) Considering peace as part of your lightworking missions: How do we recognize the relationships between dimensions and the beings who live in them? How do we support harmonious negotiations and understanding as we expand, connect, and in some cases separate our interests? How do we apply this in situations where we encounter beings or energies that we do not consider to be in alignment with our work and missions?

d) Building a grid or setting up an alter to begin gathering your intent: Charge your crystals and other sacred objects in the sun and stars and allow them to begin preparing for their part in this! Placing your focus on your grid each day between now and our 12/12 celebrations will also allow you to harness and build your own focus. This then contributes to higher vibration and more powerful energetic potential of your intentions as you set them during our celebration and peace events.

I have been participating in all these activities myself and also been heavily involved in galactic councils on this matter for the past two weeks. My team has been demonstrating the peace model in relations for the past 8 months to a year including that it is highly possible to negotiate peace in what has been called impossible situations. I have been traveling around to teams as well as holding space here, with an extreme focus on this task. I will share more about that in the coming days. Suffice it to say, many councils and beings have come on board. If you have not yet spoken to yours on the matter, please do. This takes many more conversations than just I can have. Your embodied, empowered collaboration is a huge part of this.

Here are some images from my personal grid this morning that I have been connecting to as part of my ceremony prep focus. I have also included a photo of Kiritimati from the space station.

I would love to hear how any of you are relating to this! It would be great to see your grids or hear your ideas or to share some intentions. Perhaps even some things you have learned from your teams or about ascension through interacting with this.

More updates and announcements as the day(s) continue. I am expanding this idea as the alignments and co-creators allow and require.

There are many activities happening all around the world for 12/12. Building on 2 years of ceremony tradition, I am also hosting an event and this time, expanding it to be three instead of just one!!! I welcome collaborators and am reaching out to other groups and sharers in the spiritual community to link up (and am also happy to have you/them reach out to me....I am doing an incredible amount of leg work.) Here is the link to the 12/12 Ceremony for Peace and Cosmic Alignment Activities event center. Click in to stay involved: https://www.facebook.com/events/2552459314772102/

Gatekeeper/Lightworker Galactic Activation Gathering (contact for details)

Ceremony for Intergalactic Peace: December 12 at 2 pm AST Through Crow's Nest (streamed on FB LIVE for SOULOGY)

Galactic Celebration Conversation Panel : December 11 (evening) or December 12 (evening)

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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