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Why Do We Love Earth? Celebrating Our Role in Creating Peace Through Ascension (and an Invitation fo

Why Do We Love Earth? Celebrating Our Role in Creating Peace Through Ascension (and an Invitation for Co-Creation)

Earth. Human Beings. Starseeds. The Elements. A collection of interests coming together to create a sublime population. This thing that we speak about and so clearly feel our involvement in called ascension is massive in scope and it is exciting to be here now to share all of this.

What is ascension all about? Certainly, it means too many things to summarize succinctly in the few words of a facebook post. One thing that it is (was) a project to bring together populations from different dimensions, star systems, and galaxies. A lot has happened in various timeline trajectories of this universe. Based on what many of us saw, coming together to create Earth as an intergalactic interface was viewed as an important way that we viewed happiness and expansion for the peoples whom we represent. There were many times where there was not peace and many of us have felt that in our own stories. We viewed this earth as proof that we could live in harmony with one another as part of the intergalactic community.

Our personal ascension, in this sense, has meant unification through the creation of beings made up of star bits and elemental pieces of all forms through the project of ascension that so many of us are involved today. As above, so below. As within, so without.

Though humans of our various compositions and waves are of course, many things, one that we are is a project of unification and understanding. Our soul aspects, our timeline trajectories, the knowledges and ways of being that we fuse together as part of our ascension journey is in itself an act of peace. Many on our journey include moments (years) where we cannot understand our presence here. We ache to go home, we reject our bodies, and we feel conflicted about who, what, when, where, and how. It has been difficult because we have had phenomenal tasks in our alignment. We have been doing the work of the universe. When we have felt inner conflict or difficult soul relationships with our friends and families, we have had the chance to re-write many things. And so it has been.

An important part of our next steps in the ascension pathway is to signify to the universe that we are ready to further embody our role. That we, as conscious co-creators of new earth are here, standing together to call forth peace, within ourselves and throughout our star systems and dimensional counterpoints. I am calling us all together on December 12, 2018 to focus our intention on doing this. This will be an open ascension ceremony being hosted by me, Katie IndiCrow with the support of dear friends Julie Roberts and Todd Medina. This togetherness 12/12 special broadcasting focusing on the infinite awesomeness that is this earth and celebrating ascension! For those who are ready, this can be about calling in peace to and through yourself. To find alignment and truth in your soul aspects, to bring forth the understanding and creative inspiration that the fusion of all of your parts creates space for. I invite us to further this intention by calling forth a wave of peace to ripple throughout our aspects, the earth grids, and out into the universe. Together, we will send a proclamation that WE ARE READY to take the next steps which means grounding this reality within ourselves, on earth, and in our service.

I have been co-creating with several other lightworkers in Love Wave (a forum I host) who were feeling inspired to organize their own community events and/or to participate by tuning in live through viewing parties. How this celebration of peace grows truly is up to those who wish to participate. If you are reading this and would like to collaborate on an activity throughout the day or to link up one that you are already doing, I would be pleased to speak with you!! What better way to anchor peace and unification than to demonstrate it, ourselves!

I will be making further announcements and updates regarding this ceremony through this general event page container. Friends like Julie are also creating materials like mediation practices and things we can do with our families to gather intentions for harnessing this energy on December 12 (and all days). Please click attend or interested if you would like to remain abreast of happenings. I would also be grateful if you could share this with friends, family members, mentors, and groups with whom you think this message resonates. Click this link to reach our community co-creation and information zone!: https://www.facebook.com/events/2552459314772102/

To hear more, also see this episode of Crow's Nest with Todd Medina from last week where we discussed it: https://www.facebook.com/ToddMedinaSoulogyOne/videos/10218099771386957/UzpfSTE1MDAzNzIyMTY5Mzc0NDg6MTkxMTA0ODM5MjUzNjQ5Mw/

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

To contact me directly, you may reach me through IndiCrow Energetics (on FB) or via email at katieindicrow@gmail.com

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