Working Through Lower Vibrational Influence on the Path

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This is another two pack post! It includes information on a Study Now Offering and Episode of Crow's Nest focused on this topic!

In this installment of Crow's Nest, Todd and I talk about something that many people have been asking about recently. That is, encountering lower vibrational energy and entities on the path. A question I (and he) have much experience with, it is my great joy to share this message today that is all about ways to work through lower vibrational influence in a way that is safe, high vibe, and moves us to love and understanding. Taking a special focus for the full hour, we discuss various ways that we are able to understand what lower vibrational energy is and the ways that we may be influenced by it. As noted, during the darkness there certainly was a dark grid. Many lightworkers and starseeds were connected to that by ways of soul piece, implant, and fear. What many people are experiencing right now is a processing of that emotions as well as tests, initiations, and in some cases chaotic experiences that allow us to create space to find where we have been hurt, to heal it, and to emerge stronger than ever before in our love. There are also large bands of people that are breaking free of that technology and in the process of crossing dimensional space into 5dplus existence.

One of the key reasons I am sharing this episode around is that within this conversation we broaden the notion of what it is to feel a 'dark attack' or 'lower vibrational influence' to begin asking ourselves: What is the source of this thing that gets labeled an attack? Am I externalizing a threat that is related to internal healing? How does my response to a situation (threatening or not) create it? From this perspective, even if one does find themselves in tricky space, they are able to objectively find their way through and connect to the high vibrational, peace-filled experience that our live in the higher vibrational frequencies is meant to be. I made note of an offering at the outset of the video and once again at the end that I designed to take people into learning, healing, and gaining techniques to use in situations where this type of influence is at play. This includes everything from a section on healing and aligning your soul, hearing high vibe guidance (only), being able to recognize when yourself or members of your team are being influenced, and various ways that you can untangle low vibe influence and create in the new (which is exactly what this pestering at finish line moments is designed to stop you from doing). To access, you may click this link:

I am very excited about the offering!!! I highly recommend.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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