Animal Collectives, Lightworkers, and Our Healing Journey Together

Greetings, friends!

This is a two video post about working with our animal companions.

Video 1: Animal Collectives, Lightworkers, and Our Healing Journey

Want to help our animal friends awaken? Damien and I share how in this video. We also share messages from the animal collective on soul healing, soul group balance, and how we as humans can facilitate this process. So many of us lightworkers are blessed to work with animal companions. Here is to calling forth healing, opening up new realms of communication, and growing ever more together as one!

Video 2: Animal Companions and Ascension

We are going through a lot with these energy changes, right? Soul alignments, DNA upgrades, karmic relief, you name it. It's happening. In this video, I take a moment and express the way that these transitions affect our animal companions and offer practical suggestions on how we can understand and support their energetic needs in relation to shifts. In the second part of the video, I speak about 'pets' as honoured teammates. Many lightworkers came here and found themselves in the reflection of these beautiful companions who themselves, have soul stories that span civilizations. As I have been told through the animal collective, they are ready to begin returning to that role in new and different ways. Just as we connect to fellow lightworkers as teams, it is also time for us to bring them along As Damien would say, "Cats Too!"

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow and Damien Cats


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