Crow's Nest, October 31: Healing the Lightworker Collective

Greetings, friends!

In this installment of Crow's Nest, we talk all about the new timelines and opportunities that have been opened up in the past 10 days and their impact on our collective ascension journey. As I explain, we have shifted into an entire new resonance band of potential. On the personal level, it becomes important to do your personal work and learn through the process of your own ascension. This is part of your mission! Understanding this process and how to move through it is an important part of empowerment and innovation.

As important as healing the grids and our selves is illuminating the imbalances in our soul group and ascension history/trajectory. In the third part of this episode, I share about some work that we have been doing in the lightworker collective. As a group, we are being invited to re-evaluate, re-imagine, and re-design the way that we relate to one another. We can do this. We got this far, after all!

I made mention of multiple pieces and classes in this offering. You may access them here:

I AM (energy mastery/empowerment course teaching you all about the skills I speak about the first 40 minutes):

Our Awakening Energy Bodies:

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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