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Our Awakening Energy Bodies and Ascension

Ascension is both a personal and planetary process. Many of you have come to know me for my sharing about the planetary angle through my book "Connecting In" and frequent updates about the grids. As we understand, wherein we clear out, align, and re-construct the gridsystem so that it will operate at an ever high vibrational frequency. The more we raise the frequency on earth, the more magic is possible here. Ascension is a also a process that we experience as part of our own development. Today, I wanted to take some time to address an integral part of our personal path to ascension: Awakening our energy bodies!

A key component of our awakening journey are the parts where we clear out, align, and light up our energy system! Defined simply, our energy body is the collection of pathways through which we operate in this and other dimensions. Our chakra system serves as a vehicle through which we are able to bring our soul frequency into and through our body ships as a physical system of performance in this earth dimension. When functioning highly, these energy centers act as stargates through which we are able to travel to and bring through intergalactic frequencies. We are clairsentient, we can communicate telepathically, we can build crystal cities. We are creators and connected to god-source and are all capable of acting as that. Our awakening journey is about connecting back to that.

When We Wake Up

When we begin our awakening journey, we typically have few if any of our energy centers open. This is because when we were born, the vibration of the earth was much lower than it is now. We arrived to an earth where the gridsystem was being heavily distorted. In the case of many souls entering pre-2013(ish), we did so carrying the weight of the wheel of karma as it was functioning in those times. We took on that to which we felt we could lend balance. For many starseeds and earth anchors, this strategy of taking in the most painful patterns that existed into our own lineages and then transfiguring through them to love with our existence was one of the best we had for healing the great imabalances on earth. Though 144,000 souls were involved in one wave of mission ascension, many more joined in. When you hear about creating the human blue-print, this is part of it! If you are reading this, so are you.

Living through these patterns and vibrations kept our vibrations low

As you can imagine, taking this approach had an energetic impact on our bodies. Our vibrations lowered. We felt the depth of all spectrums of patterns through our life experiences. Pain lowers vibration. We forgot. Though part of our bodies, our chakras were not turned on or functioning. For many of us who share this ascension trajectory, the process of waking up is to first learn about how the patterns we have embodied have impacted our own lives (and by extension, planet earth).

People often use the words wayshower and pathbreaker to describe a role in the ascension process. When I use this word, it describes whole waves of people who are here living and loving their way through the ascension process. If you are here and doing this now, you are part of this! As we learn the lessons of our souls trajectory, we learn how vibration, thought, and emotion come together to form the energetics of our lives. We experience the true power of love, release the fear, and contribute these lessons to the human blue-print. This is why the current path to mastery for many souls includes the process of awakening and activating their energy bodies must be done with intention. Our souls asked us to focus special attention on this process so that we may refine it for ourselves and the waves coming after this! Please note: The process of waking up is shifting rapidly as the consciousness of the earth is shifting and the vibration continues raising. The wheel of karma has now stopped turning for those who are ready to release its function. We are healing the energetic rifts that the action of carrying forward was designed to balance in this series of lifetimes and releasing those rifts from the collective. This is exciting! The shifting of karma and the high vibrational earth grids translates into new forms of ascension journeys being formed.

Cosmic Waves and Self Work Stimulate Major Shifts

One of the most simultaneously exciting but also confusing parts of our ascension journey is when we realize that energy connects to what we feel in our bodies. This happens in terms of how what we live carries in our bodies as well as that we can actually feel influxes like waves and solar flares. I will never forget how relieved I felt when I first made the connection that my major waves of exhaustion were connected to solar flares or the excitement of my first knowing heart expansion. Believe it or not, these experiences are meant to be part of the fun!

We receive transmissions from the sun, stars, other planets, and galactic center that create 'energy events' like gateways that are named as such because they create space for us to usher in various forms of frequency. In other decades, we used to have sporadically spaced experience moments like 'Wave X' or Equinox as moments where we would be able to connect to this energy to support our own growth. As ascension has accelerated and pathways between earth, the stars, the sun and and other planets have cleared we experience major influxes on a regular basis. Their frequency and intensity continues to increase. This gradual lifting is facilitating ever larger waves of collective awakening which signals the entrance into the ascension process.

Influxes Encourage Awakening and Emotional Processing

These waves of energy bring with them frequencies that contribute to our healing (most especially if we let them). Part of our awakening process is to move through those bands of energy that we took into our life and DNA patterns and to heal these patterns through our being. We naturally raise our vibration while we do that!

The societies that many of us were raised in taught us to ignore the feelings that we have in our bodies and to treat moment of discomfort or emotion as something to be suppressed. We medicate or we ignore. This is part of the behaviour spectrum we are leaving behind as we re-create our relationships in 5dplus terms. One of the main reasons those of us who are awake now are engaging in the process of the manual energy system awakening is to educate ourselves through the process of ascension so that we may more fully and knowingly participate in it! How best do learn about ascension, energy, and awareness then by becoming a master of the process by bringing yourself through it?

After all, these are very early days! We have come far in our planetary ascension journey. Active participation in raising your own frequency helps prepare you to support this process in others as well as our planet. Even though you may not see yourself this way, if you are here and reading this article, you are an ascension wayshower and pioneer!


Our bodies are designed to act as information and communication systems. The more we get to know them and the higher the frequency we carry, the more that we can understand what is happening within and around us. Here are a few indications that your energy body is awakening and working to begin communication with you:

- feeling sensations where your chakras are such as swirling and pulsing when you are doing meditation and healing work

- feelings like nausea, IBS, and headaches that do not correspond to any obvious causal factor

- ripples of heightened emotions that are connected to the center being opened and/or cleared and/or updgraded if you are doing personal work. This could include tears of joy during heart opening, ripples of sadness releasing fear or pain (childhood and/or karmic), or feelings of connection to truth and love

- you feel prickles, tickles, and electricity-like feelings that you never recognized before

- increase of sensation related experiences and/or waves feelings around times of solar flares, geomagnetic storms, or other forms of influx


As with anything we are working on developing, ascension takes diligent, consistent effort.

- Learn about your energy system. Taking the time to understand what a chakra is as well as how to clear and align it is a big part of the early magic of ascension that inspires so many. "Understanding Your Awakening Energy Body" is an offering that I created for just this purpose. It contains a booklet and 2.5 hour video overview of what an energy body is and how to clear and align it. This includes a chakra by chakra description of how, an energy alignment that you tap into as part of the video, and practical tools that you can use as part of your energy body awakening and alignment process. It is available by donation. To access or for more information, click here: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/energy-body-basics-chakra-system

- Adopt a daily practice that helps you raise your vibration and do it consistently. The more you think about and connect to this part of your being, the more you will understand how it works. An example that you might like to use is included in the energy body offering listed above. I also released this video over the summer that includes an example of the daily alignment practice that I use myself and teach through my school: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuene-k5nBs

- Become a student of yourself and treat your energetic health as important. This returns us to the notion with which this section began. Ascension is a process that we came here to work with and learn through. As we take the time to care for ourselves, we also learn a lot about it. Remembering that we are sacred helps us connect to the importance of maintaining our energetic balance.

Most importantly, learn about other parts of ascension that inspire you and have fun with it! Find ways to connect to energy alignment and flow that feel natural and are effective. If what you have been working with for the past months and years is not bringing you to the places you wish to develop, perhaps it is time to switch it up! In the new paradigm, the only constant is flow. Being able to adjust methodologies and innovate when needed is a sign of New Earth Mastery.

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

For access to the lightworker skill library site including links to "Connecting In", visit: www.indicrowacademy.love

For information on other ascension based training programs including I AM and Embodiment visit: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com

To make a donation in support of this work: paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow

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