A New Phase of Ascension

A new phase is upon us! Can you feel it pouring in?

Last evening, a beautiful transition began. One where incredibly powerful waves of high vibe energy began coursing in. From my own perspective, it was a full body energy upgrade that went all night. I had so much beautiful transition that felt cool and light and clear.

This influx has begun once again a few moments ago. I have been out on the grids most of the day, enjoying this flow and sharing it through my existence with all channels I have. I am still in the process of anchoring. My short hand notes are that many souls are on the move into the higher dimensions, everything that was part of the last evaluation and sorting phase has begun lining in, and we have begun an entirely new phase of our ascension journey as a collective.

I am writing this very short update to send love and encourage those of you who are feeling physical pain and what could be experienced as challenging energetic experiences to remain calm. Waves of this caliber ask us to grow quickly. If you feel anxiety, pain, panic, fear - I invite you to connect to its roots and to let it go. You may find my videos on the review phase and timelines of use as tools that you can use to move yourself through these transitions with more ease and skill. To find those, please check out my youtube page, IndiCrow Energetics. Raise your vibe as much as you can to get into your next frequency band!

This image was taken at Gateway Road, which was my starting point for physical work, this am. I did not even know it existed. My soul apparently did. I love how we are always given signs to know we are in the right place at the right time.

More from me soon.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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