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Orionids, October, and the Energy of Shifting Systems

Greetings, friends!

A quick note to say that I woke up this morning with a very specific message: Today, we are amplifying even more lightwave frequency whose purpose is to continue dissolving the veil and bringing in balance of various institutions and systems underpinning the (dis)function of our societies.

This is happening in many ways, including with the help of the Orionid Meteor Shower, which begins today and continues into the first week of November. The star civilizations of this belt had much to do with examining polarity and duality (within and without), and the center star in the configuration has served as a stargate. It feels that as the meteors grace our sky, they bring with them messages and energy of resolution and highlighting that which remains to be heard. Evidence of their strength may be seen in the cycle of our years: October has brought with it the ripple of multiple social movements in recent years including Occupy, Standing Rock, and last year with the Me Too movement.

From an energetic perspective, the notion that people are asking widespread questions about the structure and function of their societies is important. This is part of awakening the masses, transfiguring energy that powers the veils, and bringing truth of some very harmful conditions to light. These moments are ones where people 'snap out' of the system and recognize various aspects of the fragility of the 3d matrix system. Though the truths we are seeing in these days can be hard to tolerate, they are necessary.

As these moments ripple throughout our society, the collective shifts. It is important to be patient and loving with those who are working through this. Ascension energy in combination with the meteors and public events is intense. Holding light for our brothers and sisters as they travel through the 'dark' of our societies is part of the journey. It is also part of our collective waking back up. (See the endnote of this post if you are interested in

more about Occupy and my wake up.)


From my own personal lightworking perspective, the act of balance has and continues to remain one of my main tasks. In particular, in relation to forms of habitual government and economic decision making that serve the masses poorly. I have been working on this project from various angles for a decade now, The call today was clear and strong, more so than perhaps ever before. It also included a strong component of the importance of sharing that this work was happening and so, here we are with this post!!

Myself and the team of dragons that I work with were called to initiate another swirl of our contributions to the great shift in institutions that is occurring. The knowledge I have gained through my previous life career has come in handy in that it allows me to know where to shift the energy of veritas and balance that we are called in to bring about. So far this morning, we have worked on neoliberal economic decision making, forms of government that effectively quash local innovation, and banking practices which cement finance and state. I will continue this work later on in terms of borders and licensing and accessing the ability to 'be''.

We are bringing light to dark on a systemic level. How fitting during the Orion Meteor showers, just before the peak of Draconids, leading into the season of solstice.


Reflecting on these alignments and the season, I get the sense that during this pass of the Orionids, teams of lightworkers around the world will be working on dipping into bringing light to various forms of lower vibrational institutions and practices. A big part of the job here is to have the presence to connect, choose the highest vibration path through the interaction,, and then cut a light trail back out. In the case of the forms of institutional understanding an awareness, being called to run a 'pass' can look like unexpectedly dealing with debt payments, financial industry flub ups like confusion with bank accounts, a repetition in needing to do 'paper work' of various sorts including tax documents or working through immigration.

In my case, it was a very clear image of the energetic underpinnings upon which I am to focus. (I will be going on a love parade by my local banks later on - join me if you so feel called.) I was then compelled to share this!


For now, beautiful friends, I return to my service. I am grateful for your friendship and all the teamwork being done by people everywhere who are 'getting real' with themselves and this. Collective awakening is beautiful, inspiring, and can sometimes feel chaotic. The unravelling and build up of what comes next is ultimately up to us. Solutions and new creations are in our hearts and as we collectively choose 'not that', we move ever further into finding the truths that are going to work for us, indivdually and as societies.

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

For those who are curious about other forms of Katie, this is an example of a community event I co-organized in October 2011. Its purpose was to bring people together in a talking circle to share about what types of improvement and balancing we would like to make in our community. The months we worked together bringing to light actual change has inspired me for many years and showed me very clearly that yes. When we band

together in love, we can do things: https://vimeo.com/30700359

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