Equinox Ascension Ceremony

Greetings, friends!

I welcome you to the recorded version of this Equinox Ascension Ceremony. As noted within, recognizing our teamwork and powers of co-creation becomes an essential part of our ascension next steps! Joining together in physical and astral space (like this) is an important part of forming our collective consciousness and welcoming in the conditions of our golden age.

In this ceremony, I invite participants to join me in calling in the next steps for personal and then planetary ascension.

In the first part, we call in our primary ascension creation timelines, welcome in our sacred knowledge, and call forth the activation of our own personal gifts. In the second portion of this ceremony, we join together to act as ascension energy anchors. We power up various parts of the crystalline grid, call in our et and light being family contacts, and call in the next steps of our planetary ascension.

Though designed for Equinox, the ceremony and the steps outlined in it are useful at any time. I recommend returning to them for the next week! The beginning of October, we start the next steps!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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