Preparing for Equinox and Empowered Creation

Greetings, friends!!

This is a copy of the facebook live I did yesterday through IndiCrow Energetics. In it, I share about the beautiful energy of creation that is becoming available for us as part of the Equinox Gateway. The next 3 months offer us incredible potential to advance our goals, create our high vibe pathways, and move this planet ever further through its ascension journey.

As you may be feeling, now is a very good time to nest and prepare your heart, soul, and intentions. High vibrational influx which is already happening but will most definitely be expanding exponentially through and past it. Taking time to call in your highest potential timelines, continuing to nurture the next steps of the seeds you have planted through ceremony and intention over the past seasons is important right now. Trust me when I say that it works.

A reminder that I have spent the last few years compiling articles and information that are here to support your understanding, connection to, and mastery of various parts of the ascension process. I have information on everything from what a timeline is to how to connect to it to how to do 5d plus energy clearing and more. It is all there for you in this now!! Here is a short list of some of them:

I will be hosting an open community ceremony on Saturday, September 22 at 2 pm ADT through my FB page IndiCrow Energetics. You can head there to learn more and for access.

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


IndiCrow Academy for online Access Now Training and Information:

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