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Next Step September: Calling Forth and Embodying Your 'New'

With the ending of August, we have completed another major band of energy transitions. Solstice, the eclipse gateway, and Lion's Gate were a tri-fecta of transformation through which we selected timelines for personal and planetary ascension. Getting on those paths meant we had to do a lot of personal work. Years back, I used to refer to these pockets as creating semi-annual personality crises. Now I see them as an opportunity of re-birth and growth. Though they can feel challenging, we get to moments like September where we begin being able to see the light in it all.

We had an exciting week to close out August, where we were able to groom out 3rd and 4th dimensional timeline aspects that were impacting our planetary ascension thanks to the great decisions so many of us made!!! This is where we knocked the tech out, where we were able to create the conditions for unexpectedly high frequency influx to begin. Many of us felt this in service and life. Thank you to all who acted in love in all the ways they could. That is truly all the best any of us can do.* I would also like to extend a special thank you to beloved Julie for riding this one out with me, without our conversations I may have climbed the walls with what we were gatekeeping out. Space Twin, you too! Taking in the high volumes of energy we do for transfiguration can be a huge task and it is so good to have people to love and trust through this process with.

As we move into September the feeling of finishing is definitely abound. The first four days has most certainly seen many of us receive a series of 'tests', where we have encountered situations and thought patterns that we have the strength to code through. Dense energy, uncomfortable behaviour being expressed toward us, and the feeling of working through outdated interaction patterns are all patterns that we were connecting to. In my own case, so bizarre I could not actually believe it was happening. If this was occurring in your life and you felt confused, all is well. This is part of transfiguring that pathway into a higher band!

Just as important as the ending theme in September is the distinct feeling that we have started our alignments for Equinox and what comes after. Last week while out gatekeeping, I received a very clear indication that we were moving into something incredible and new. A container ship full of cargo that reads 'one', 'one', 'one' all the way down the side. This just two days after we had shifted the older 3d and 4d lines.

So what is this new, you ask? My friends, it is all that we have called forth. Those of you who have been working along with the ceremony series through this season have released old patterns, planted seeds, and watered them through these last months. NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO HAVE THE COURAGE AND FAITH TO BEGIN TAKING YOUR NEXT STEPS!!!! The energy of today is ready for it, and I see it increasing once again in frequency in a day or two. The higher that we go, the more that you can work through when you focus, align, and connect your intention.

If you would like to hear more about this, I will be connecting to all who choose to join in through Crow's Nest on Soulogy Network with Todd Medina tomorrow at 2 ADT (11 mst, 1 est, 16:00 Ireland). I will post the live access link to that show below this original post and on IndiCrow Energetics tomorrow as he makes it available. The replay will be up straight after that!

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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